So we are keeping troops in Syria

So apparently we will be keeping troops in Syria. 200 as peacekeepers for “a period of time” whatever the hell that means:

Alright, so here’s my take on this and it involves a lot of the reasons I can’t stand Trump. It is a correct decision to leave some US forces in Syria to make sure our allies(SDF) don’t get destroyed by Turkey and Assad and also to help make sure ISIL doesn’t take back territory. This decision results in no praise from me though. Because the whole ■■■■■■■■■ ■■■■■■ in the first place was Trump just announcing like an uninformed ■■■■■■■ that we were pulling everyone out now. Which left our foreign policy people(and there appears to be no coherent consistent foreign policy team) to scramble to explain, confuse and contradict what Trump decided in his own ignorant half assed way. We literally begged Europe to keep troops there after we leave and they all said(and I’m paraphrasing but it’s a completely accurate interpretation) ■■■■■ you no. If you pull out so do we.”

So let me just give a breakdown of what Trump did here and I think clearly shows why he never should have been elected:

  1. Trump randomly ANNOUNCES he’s going to pull all US troops out of Syria against the advice of pretty much anyone who knows anything about Syria and doesn’t even talk to CENTCOM about it.

  2. Trump clearly doesn’t understand anything about Syria and has to have everyone explain to him how stupid of an idea this is.

  3. Trump’s own officials publicly contradict(Bolton) what Trump said.

  4. Trump doubles down on all troops getting pulled out.

  5. US begs Europe to keep troops in Syria.

  6. Europe says ■■■■■ you.”

  7. Eventually someone gets it through his thick skull that we can’t just pull everyone out of Syria.

  8. Yesterday, in a one sentence statement, the White House says troops will be staying. But for a “period of time”. So we still don’t know exactly what the plan is.

This is why he was a terrible choice for president. Way way way worse than the alternative.


Republicans are for perpetual war…

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Thanks for that post, Adam.

When Trump first announced his candidacy, I stated he would be the most dangerous candidate who could possibly get the job.

We are now seeing that play out right in front of our eyes.


We stick our noses where it doesn’t belong and create a bigger problem than the one attempting to be solved. When will “we” ever learn? When will…“we” e…ver learn?

That means we are pulling out over time… There was 2000 troops there. Amazing how many on the left are suddenly for never ending wars… TDS…

The problem here is there being no coherent clear policy. Trump wings it based on his incredibly limited knowledge of foreign policy, everyone runs around trying to figure out what he means(which is hard when he doesn’t even know what he wants), they then scramble to somehow get it to work, explain to him it won’t work, and then he backtracks, and we find that American foreign policy is jumping around to keep up with the impetuous actions of someone who is woefully ignorant on the subject and has no interest in learning about it.

Trump has been perfectly methodical in his policy. He told you he wanted to bring the troops home during the election. He took out 99% of ISIS in Syrian and took out 1800 troops, so far… He’s negotiated trade with Canada and Mexico. He’s negotiating with China and near a breakthrough. He’s taking out Maduro.

Compare that to the complete chaos of Obama Libyan policy, where he not only gets thousands and thousands of Libyans killed, and left the country in chaos, and he got his ambassador killed.

I hate flexibility.

Remember Obama and the left laughing at Romney for saying Russia was a big threat.

I guess that’s why Ol’flexible was whispering sweet somethings to Putin…

Is it chaos to throw out Churchill bust?`

Can you please stop talking about Libya for one second as if you even care about it or know anything about it?

Trump didn’t take out 99% of ISIL in Syria. The anti ISIL campaign(started in 2014 under Obama), Turkey, Russia, Assad, Syrian rebels and Iran took out 99% of ISIL in Syria. And he hasn’t taken out 1800 troops from Syria so far. He’s said he wants to pull our troops out. Then went and begged Europe to replace our troops, they said no, and now we’re keeping troops in Syria.

Flexibility is fine. Causing the whole problem in the first place and then having to be talked out of it doesn’t make him some kind of great compromiser.

Libya shows you how completely out of touch and what chaos there was in the white house during Obama… That’s reflected in out of control Comey and McCabe…

Obama let people starve in Venezuela too.

And propped up Cuban dictators with trade…

I can’t believe you are complaining Trump is bringing troops home. As he’s always said he would…

All Trump is saying, is give peace a chance…

Just take the remaining soldiers birthright citizenship away, two birds and one giant stone of failure!

Its not flexibility, it’s exposing that he didn’t think before tweeting his proclamation.

Sounds like he’s continuing the war to me.

Cratic, are you supporting perpetual, unending conflicts?

Scratch that. Looks like there will be 400 troops staying in Syria. 200 of them in northern Syria and another 200 at al-Tanf. Once again, I’m fine with us keeping troops there. It’s Trump’s botching of this whole thing I have a problem with.

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And it looks like Cratic’s unending conflict just doubled in size from 200 troops to 400 troops. Which is odd because Cratic just claimed that Trump had already taken out 1800 troops(out of 2000) so far.