So, Trump was right about Clinton and Russain Collusion by Russell Brand

It’s been interesting watching Russel Brand’s ideas change over time. He’s a Hollywood liberal but seems to be having his eyes open to the truth about media and govt. In this video which has over a million views, he explains how collusion lies now make him mistrust the media.

I’ll take the word of Robert De Niro, Rob Reiner, Laurence Fishburne, Rosie Perez, George Takei, Martin Sheen, and Stephen King over Russell Brand

You know I actually been watching some of his videos lately and he might be much more to the left than me he takes more of a Rogan type approach he will talk to anyone and try to have a meaningful dialogue which is solely missed these days and not just a scream match or and echo chamber.

That’s the echo chamber I was referring to. I really give kudos to Russel Brand not because of this particular video but his show overall he is talking to people from all sides and trying to have a reasonable debate as well as see what the other side is talking about whether he agrees or not.

So Trump, knowing he didn’t have a secret server communicating with alfa-bank, asked Comey to clear up things, and he refused. And Trump fired him.

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impressive, that Brand red pilled himself

rather rare. wonder why he did this. he’ll never work again. he has to know that. hollywood does not appreciate opposing points of view

They were all fooled by collusion and thought Biden had a brain because the TV told them so,

Actually, this is the perfect response from a TV trained leftist. Perfect! Remember when Rob Reiner was calling for war with Russian over collusion. What a fool…

I remember back when Republicans prided themselves on giving no credence to Hollywood types and denigrating liberals for putting any value on the opinions and thoughts of Hollywood.

Then along came Trump and all that changed. Here we see them lauding another Hollywood person and holding him up as if his thoughts are more valuable than anyone else’s.

The difference is that Trump loves America.

And apparently Russel Brand does now as well. Well done!