So the Dems Won the House

And all this other stuff. We all know Trump didn’t do anything for cyber security.

Are the dem wins due to Russian interference?

Nope, massive turnout… Next

Hopefully GOVERNOR Kemp can provide some insight into the dem hack attempt in Georgia

So we think Putin’s plan was one and done?

Allowing Donnie to lose the purse strings is part of the plan?

Sometimes even his master, Putin, loses.

Do you think Putin wins or loses based on this result?

I suspect his ambitions go far beyond aiding a simpleton like Donald.

Putin Plan includes putting Pelosi and Waters in a position to investigate his bag man?

I’m listening.

I really need to understand why he would give up undermining our 'mocracy in just two short years.

Bot farms lose? I was told that isn’t the case at all.

Do you believe he’s given up?
Do you believe Putin believes undermining our 'mocracy is a short term endeavor of elevating an idiot to the White House?
You’re an intelligent man with military experience.

Yes, yes that’s it, the false flag operation ‘‘Pelosi/Waters’’ they’ll never see it coming. Putin, the man’s a genius.

The Rs lost the House due to the Red Wave.

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I have no idea what to believe anymore. I was told Russia interfered in our elections and Trump helped them do it just two years ago. It was so successful Facebook changed the outcome. That we need to impeach Trump and spend billions to protect the integrity of our very democratic institutions. That Trump is a traitor.

Now we have this. What am I suppose to surmise?

I am not intelligent and this is politics, not the military.

Somebody please help me understand!

Trump said he told Putin to knock it off. The dems (aka winners) laughed and said it was ridiculous. Did it work after all?

I have cracked the kremlin internet code. :yum:

Putin wants to sow discontent in our democracy and liberals were do eager to gobble up the fake news that they produced the fruit. Putin is an evil man, but he is tough and our president stood up to him far more than the last one. If libs would actually support president trump instead of trashing him at every turn then Putins little gsmes wouldn’t work.

And you believe Putin obeyed his lackey…:joy: :joy: :rofl:
I believe you did. :rofl: :rofl:

Donald is a self-absorbed toddler playing in his own poo compared to Putin.

President trump confronted Putin about meddling. Obama had “more flexibility”.

Obama’s not president, get over it.