So the Democrats are asking for Unity & Say they will Represent All Americans

But, they are going to try to Impeach the President Monday…

And throw conservatives off their social platforms…

And punish conservatives…

And try to find out who they all are so they can be fired from their jobs…

But hey, they want Unity!

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Where does that come from? What are you talking about?

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In other words, it’s Friday!


Yup, they been banning a lot of conservatives lately. They was just here & there, now it’s like a flood. I been moving to other venues because I keep getting flags & warnings over posting things that are no big deal.

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How can you want unity if you won’t let Trump steal an election? Resign Biden!

Well…concede…you get it.

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So now Trump stole an election? You should be banned from here!

Impeaching President Trump is a cover because the Democrat party is in disarray. That don’t know what they are doing, much less know what they intend to do. Doll face/AOC is not happy.

Keeping President Trump front and center is their only plan.


That’s not even close to reality, but for the sake of unity, impeachment is off and Trump gets another four years.

Oh you mean social media platforms. Throwing Trump off of them is not throwing conservatives off them, he is one man and very inflammatory about it.

They are really after Trump supporters. They are scared to death that he is going to run again in 2024.


What have they done that makes you think that? And more importantly, why have they done whatever it is they’ve done?

You aren’t conservative so you aren’t effected by it. I have several friends banned & income streams lost. One was just a guy selling custom knives. Knives are scary you know! Owning one makes you an instant serial mass killer.

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There has to be more to the story. Lot’s of people are still selling knives online. Guns too. I bought a knife not so long ago. I searched world’s sharpest pocket knife and went from there, I looked and dozens and dozens of knives.

It’s the worst thing they could have possibly done.

Now instead of leaving office in disgrace he leaves a martyr.

Go Dem’s!


That brave man, all he wanted to do was incite a riot in peace and the Dems won’t let him be. A hero among us!


You couldn’t even get him charged with incitement to riot in a state court, much less federal court.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.” ~ George R R Martin


He was always going out in disgrace, he was always going out a martyr. The election was “stolen” from him after all. I didn’t exactly expect Trump to turn his supporters against Pence on the way out, wanting him to be executed etc. but I’m not surprised.

He tried and failed…epically.

General Michael Flynn was banned from twitter.