So righties, how do you think the Biden hearings are going?

I have lost track- are there still 2? A Hunter Biden hearing, and a Joe Biden impeachment inquiry?

So now we have the Russian dis-informationist/spy, Smirnov, who was given center stage by Righties. Wondering if he has any info on the laptops?

What else? Anything at all? :clown_face:

yet another Russian election interference case.


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Attention withdrawal is a real (D)rag in loony world. :clown_face:


“The Russian dis-informationist/spy, Smirnov”

You mean the guy that was

-apparently on the fbi payroll since at least 2015
-Reportedly paid tens, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars
-Was “trusted”
-Gave his report in June 2020 that wasn’t investigated until summer of 2023
-The report was delivered to weiss’ office late summer of 2020, and nothing done
-Reportedly told his handler all about his russian contacts
-Was cleared by fbi to commit crimes in order to get information
-timing of arrest is crazy coincidental with election coming up and biden’s testifying

That’s your guy??

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Slow, steady, thorough…

It’s a process.

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No that’s Comer’s guy.

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Ohhhh. Cause it seemed like you righties had both of them dead to rights.

What does this mean?

Nope…That would be left wing liberal bull ■■■■ You clowns want to kill the investigation every step of the way and decry “There’s no proof” even though the evidence from the frequency of Biden’s lies to the material on the laptop to simple common sense re: what was the product they were selling…Joe was the product…But y’all are just hungry to claim “it’s over there’s no proof” when the process is on going.

Sorry not in the mood for leftist crap at this point so I’m just calling it out where I see it.


That would be this whole thread. Libs are bored. :rofl:

Pretty much - They are bored and boring.


Waiting for the ‘proof’

In what universe??

You think maybe the reason they aren’t finding any proof is because there is none? It’s just not there.


lol. What, dems called him? He’s all yours. Epic fail.

they need to distract from the real life train wreck clown shows that stare them in the face like with Fani Willis


Maybe you should read my list again.

No you’re not. You’re waiting for the Democrat run DOJ to continue to stonewall, deny, hide, delay or destroy any evidence or proof while continuing to cover for the Bidens crimes. Just like they did for Hillary Clinton and her crimes. Enjoy the last few months of the Biden crime syndicate. It’s coming to an end because Joe’s senility has made him no longer useful to the puppeteers propping him up and Kamala is too stupid to be of any use to them at all. If Joe doesn’t voluntarily step aside soon his handlers will toss him in the toilet like the ■■■■ filled Charmin he is.


DOJ isn’t running this. Yaboi Comer is.

Oh , I read it. Who is calling this ■■■■■■ bag as a witness?