So nothing like this could ever happen to a white man? Oh really?

So according to the left this could NEVER happen to a white person, oh really:

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As I said…if George Floyd was white…chances are we would never heard about about it. Or if we did there wouldn’t be looting and rioting.

Good OP. Watch libs try to spin this. :wink:

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Stand down and go home, everyone. We were just made aware that cops kill white people, too. It’s all good.


Maybe it would be good for everyone to look at ALL the facts, then make logical assessments from that before acting and spouting out ■■■■■■■■■

I don’t necessarily disagree with the sentiment. But with the history of this country, and the recent high profile murders of different black folks, is it any wonder why there is such uproar?

Because they don’t like it when their narrative is challenged.

I understand, there does seems to be “some” racial intent behind it. But the facts also remain that if Floyd was white it wouldn’t get nation attention.

My problem is police is unnecessary brutality. That’s where the focus should be on IMO.

You know my history here.

I never heard of Tony Timpa until OP posted this information.

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Precisely. It’s all about race. Democrats need racial division to keep races in line.


You guys should look up the shooting of Daniel Shaver or beating of Kelly Thomas.

This happens to white men all the time and the police are completely out of control.


How is the fact that cops kill white people too a change of the narrative?


Who says it doesn’t happen towards whites or other groups? Straw man has entered the chat.

Blacks are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by police than whites. Those same blacks killed by police are also 1.5 times more likely to be unarmed at the time of their death then the whites who were killed. Blacks are much more likely to be killed by police and much more likely to be unarmed when it happens. There is a race issue when it comes to frequency and circumstance. There is no race issue when it comes to police using excessive force and at times killing people.

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I’ve heard more than my share of liberals on TV say that this could never happen to a white man. I’ve got a news flash for you, the essence of most politics in America is about pushing a narrative.

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So are you saying that the protests are unwarranted?

Dude where have you been, go to my other thread on this I already beat you to this particular stat.

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Whites dead by the hands of cops doesn’t advance libs causes.

Be consistent for a change.

I’ve shown you the way…


Or maybe because it’s early in the damn morning and no one is awake yet?

Yes, statistics show that more whites than blacks are killed by cops.

Statistics also show that the cops who do this, even if they are fired, are often rehired because their unions scream about unjust firings.

We have a massive problem with police in this country. It needs to be fixed for all.


Rioting, burning, and looting are unwarranted.


Blacks are arrested more, so it’s OK that more of them are killed. That sum it up? Maybe you can share some statistics as to how blacks are more frequently arrested than whites for the same actions?

And Joe Biden has had 50 years to fix this, along with all the Democrat mayor’s and Governors during that time as well. So whose to blame?

Do Blacks commit more crime…yes or no?

Or are you not ready for honest discussion?