So much for the Paris Climate Accord

Looks like other nations will do what they want regarding fossil fuels:

“The support for fossil fuels from seven of the world’s richest nations included measures to remove or downgrade environmental regulations as well as direct funding of oil, gas and coal.”


Also from the link:

"In most cases, money provided for fossil fuel industries was given with no strings attached, rather than with conditions requiring a reduction in emissions or pollution. The analysis found that eight in every 10 dollars spent on non-renewable energy came without conditions.

This included lifelines that were thrown to the aviation and car industries, which received $115bn from the G7 countries. Of that money, 80% was given with no attempt to force the sectors to cut their emissions in return for the support."

I wonder how Joe is going to punish them?

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Only US market gets depressed.


Who said it’d happen overnight? EV is the future.

I didn’t think we had much time left if EVERYBODY didn’t act NOW?


You’re the one who brought up the Paris Accords.

“Under the Paris Agreement, each country must determine, plan, and regularly report on the contribution that it undertakes to mitigate global warming. No mechanism forces a country to set a specific emissions target by a specific date, but each target should go beyond previously set targets.”

Thread fail.

That’s why the international community is “happy” with a Biden administration. They want a weaker United States.


I don’t think we can draw any longterm policy conclusions based on emergency stimulus given to gas and automobile companies that were hit hard by a global pandemic.

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Sure we can.

Humans are humans. They are short-sighted because evolution made them that way.

No mechanism yet exists that will entice us to make changes now for benefits to accrue to someone else in the future.

I don’t disgree in general, but the point I was trying to make is that we can’t take the fact that a lot of money was given to gas and auto companies (a short-term stimulus to help out during a pandemic-induced economic downturn) and extrapolate that to mean they will get that level of funding relative to “green” companies every year.

Oh I agree with that.

However, this past year plus has made me far more of a cynic than I ever have been before.


More like Paris Accord Fail. Are you saying that the rest of the world has plenty time to act in order to save the planet?


Do you not understand how the Paris Accord works? Do you not understand the stages required to replace fossil fuels? Do you not understand the number of years it will take to have green energy replacements in use in significant quantities?

Problem is we do understand.

Trump was right.

Biden is wrong.

Energy is good.


And all fossil fuels will run out in this century. Are you saying that we should not be working at all on conversion? If so, why?

What I don’t understand is how everyone is not seeing the urgency of acting now.


Because human beings have no sense of how to value the future over the present.

Because our brains are wired for survival from being eaten on the savanna, not in dealing with complex background environmental changes.

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Peddle that nonsense elsewhere.

Oil was running out in the 1890s.

Then correct me. How many years of oil do we have remaining at current consumption?

Geeze, the clock has been ticking. Obama bought beach front property.

There are some forked tongues wagging around. :wink: