So much for the #metoo movement

“During calendar year 2019, no increase in pay as authorized under this Act may be provided to any Federal employee who has been disciplined for sexual misconduct under chapter 75 of title 5, United States Code, or any other provision of law,” the GOP proposal text read.

Basically anyone who was disiplined for sexual misconduct – and is on the federal payroll would NOT get a pay raise. only 17 dems voted for this, all the rest said they should get a raise as well.

From the Fox write up, sounds like it was an amendment to the bill providing a 2.6% pay raise for federal workers.

Now the exemption wasn’t to people only accused of sexual misconduct – only those who have have action taken against them (either they admitted it, or administratively were found guilty).

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That’s weird.

It’s written by a self described reporter but journalism is strangely absent from the whole thing.

“Sounds like”? Does it? Weird how this “write-up” puts forth an emotionally charged premise but does nothing to provide any actual information to anyone. Almost like that was its entire purpose.

Here’s a more fair and balanced write-up from PBS. The pay raise was directed for all federal workers because of the just-ended government shutdown. It does say (but gives no additional details) about the Republican proposal to deny pay raises to certain individuals. (The Hill reported it failed by only 10 votes.) I don’t see a problem with the payraises for federal employees. The shutdown screwed them royally. They deserve to catch up. Send your complaints to Donald Trump for causing it.

Oh, and 29 Republicans voted with the unanimous Democratic majority.

I have no issue with the pay raise. I’m just wondering if the Dem’s in the house are saying the metoo movement is over by not punishing those who have been punished for sexual misconduct.

I mean people in the REAL world have lost their jobs for such things. A little dock in pay is mild by comparison.

Well, unless we have the transcripts of the debate we don’t know, do we? It doesn’t sound good, but the rest of the story would have been nice. So far I haven’t seen them from anyone.

This isn’t a journalism site, I am under no obligation to looking for things. The fact is, republicans tried to block a pay raise for those who have been punished for sexual misconduct, and the Dems didn’t agree, and essentially said they should get the same pay raise.

Now if it was a stand alone bill, or part of another is not relavent to that.

First, obviously the amendment was an attempt to poison pill the bill.

Whoever thought up the pill knew it wouldn’t work but was smart enough to set-up a media strategy. A quick google news search shows that the “reporters” who you would expect to, bit. Clicking through a couple and it start to look like these “reporters” and outlets are PR pushers, not journalists.

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Do you have examples of federal workers who have had actions taken against them for sexual misconduct?

In other words, is this a real problem, or just political theater?

Who said it was? Who said you were?

The story the way it was presented has as much to do…if not more, than the poison pill amendment itself. They go hand in hand.

Hadn’t thought of that, but, yeah, that might have been it. But we don’t know for sure so it’s a bit premature to say that, probably. But I also wouldn’t shut the door there.

Why read the debate. The short paragraph is clearn. If you are a federal worker, and you have received punishment for sexual misconduct you don’t get a pay raise.

All but 17 dems voted against that.

This is old hat.

Sometimes I can’t tell who is buying the kayfabe here and who is writing it.

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Why would it poison pill the bill? You saying dems and the public would feel sorry for those who committed suxual misconduct?

Ok. Why? Your original article apparently didn’t think it was worthwhile to seek comment.

I don’t. It could include 1 person, it could include hundreds. Why should the number of federal workers effected matter?

ahhh ha

it wouldn’t.

and that was the point.

This bill was gonna pass folks.

So you get a jab in. This is the jab.

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I guess I don’t understand why they shouldn’t get a raise. If they already had action taken against them for whatever occurred, it should be a closed case. We should not come up with random periodic ways to punish them some more. Do you think they should be subject to more punishment in perpetuity?

You brought up that I was a former reporter and didn’t “investigate” this further.
So I told you why I didn’t. It’s straight forward enough that if it was a stand alone bill, or an amendment to another that was shot down, all but 17 dems in the house said they approve of the same pay increase for those who have had sexual misconduct claims against them settled with a punishment (AKA a guilty plea or finding.)

Uhhhh No I didn’t. What? I had no idea you were ever a reporter.