So much for the BS asylum seeker nonsense!

Why would asylum seekers who are fleeing these countries because their lives are threatened want to go back home???

Some illegal aliens who made the trek to Chicago from Venezuela and other places are so disillusioned with their experiences that they are headed back to their home country.

You got to love the mindset that they come here with:

The Venezuelan couple expected to come to this country and be handed all sorts of wonderful benefits, and they especially wanted their daughter enrolled in a free U.S. school.

Castejon complained to the Tribune reporters that he expected to be handed many more benefits – good food, a free place to live, an easy job and quick legal status. But none of this happened.



It’s actually pathetic what Biden and the Democrats are doing both to the US Taxpayers and to these poor desperate people. Their all probably spending every last cent they have to make this trek to the US believing there’s this utopian American Dream awaiting them.


It’s never been about fleeing from persecution or harm, at least not for most. It has always been about economics. This just goes to prove it.


And anyone with a basic understanding of what’s going on would realize this fact, as has been discussed:

Which then begs the question why would a US presidential administration allow millions of people into the country under the ruse of asylum when they know that the overwhelming majority of them don’t fit the legal definition? :thinking:


The administration KNOWS all this.
The end game is they want to flood the country with these desperate people and change America “fundamentaly” like Obama rolled of his lips on his first day.
And to change her they have to cause the hardship and chaos, well it’s working ok so far.
Plus…they pushed the envelope, all done by design, till they ran out of other people’s money.
Democrats KNOW all this, they are not stupid, they just pretend they don’t see what goes on.
They USED these “Immigrants” /Illegal crossers and some see it so they want to go home.
Pathetic. The World can see it too.
Obama and Biden, [his poopet], SHAME on you.

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You’ve got that right. There are only five reasons that an undocumented alien can qualify for asylum. They must be able to demonstrate that they were persecuted or have a fear of persecution in their home country due to their: Race, Religion, Nationality, Social group, or Political opinion. Being poor and wanting a better life is not a valid reason, yet it seems that is the only reason these so-called asylum seekers are here. I don’t blame them, but someone is feeding them the lie that everything is free and easy here, so they keep coming. And Biden isn’t doing a damn thing to stop it,

Our laws have been bastardized by “V” libs who have wrecked their areas of the nation and are now on a mission to destroy the rest to bring it down to their low level. It looks like the secret though is to invite a Chinese leader and then…are you ready…then it’s different.

Aren’t they already supposed to be receiving those benefits in the socialist paradise of Venezuela?

These are adults making this decision. Nobody forced them to trek through multiple countries to be here. Not even Biden.

As much as conservatives would like to stop 100% of asylum seekers, this is just not going to happen. It didn’t happen under Bush, nor Obama, nor Trump, nor Biden.

There are obviously going to be some “fake” asylum seekers that get through the process. Again, that isn’t unique to the administration.

What percentage of asylum seekers want to go back to their country? I bet it’s minuscule. So providing a story a less than a fraction of a percent of people who want to go back is not an indictment of the asylum process.

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Good D⁶

The next democrat scam using illegal immigrants will be, “We got you in. If you illegals can find ways to help put us back in power, or get the Repubs out of the way, by helping our campaigns, we’ll meet those unmet expectations of yours.”

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“country of first-entry” asylum resettlement agreement

Build the wall and stop all of these law breakers from breaking our immigration laws…period.

Have you actually put any thought into your first paragraph here? Think about it…:thinking::thinking::thinking:

“Nobody forced them to trek through multiple countries to be here…” So a person “fleeing” Venezuela likewise bypasses the entire distance across Mexico? Why? How many countries may a person be fleeing from at a time? If they feel Mexico is equally threatening to their life why would they risk traveling the entire distance through it to get here? Why wouldn’t they flee to a safe country in South America instead? That would be closer, cheaper and safer for them!

And here’s another thought… Has it occurred to you that perhaps the government of Mexico is actually aiding and abetting all these " refugees" by providing them food, lodging and transportation to our southern border during their perilous journey to escape whatever they’re escaping from?

And if it’s ok to you that the government of Mexico helps all of these people and deposits them at our southern border, would it be ok to you if our government continues to “help” them by transporting them to the southern border of Canada and letting them gain their asylum there? I’m guessing you’ll have a typical hypocritical Lib view and find some excuse as to why that would be wrong; but the real reason would be because you, and every other Lib knows that gaining Canadian citizenship wouldn’t allow them to vote for Libs in American elections.

It’s ok that admit to he truth, you’re among friends here.

Bald and Bankrupt on Youtube goes with illegals on their journey from Venezuela to the Panama on their way to the USA. They all laugh at their BS reasons for being a refugee. They are taught exactly what to say. And we all know it.


Again not reasons for asylum:

Up to 8,000 people of all ages, mainly from Venezuela, Cuba and Mexico, are part of the procession following a banner which reads “Poverty Exodus”.

One Honduran migrant who joined the procession said he was escaping a criminal gang called Maras who had threatened to kill him.

We also have gangs in America who threaten to kill people, and many times do kill people. Not a reason for asylum.