So much for the Attorney Michael Cohen being the smoking gun

Well now, Cohen’s attorney is walking back a whole lot of stuff

Of course… Because there is no Collusion.

The only who bought dirt from Russians an failed to report it as a campaign expense was the dem candidate…

…All last week showed was how childish the media is, and how desperate Meuller is…

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Did he back off “Trump gave me money to pay off Stormy?”

No but a lot of the other stuff read the article.

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Like I said…in three weeks, libs will have forgotten that “THEY HAVE HIM THIS TIME” and will be chasing some other laser dot on the TDS carpet.

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So it would appear that even Trump’s lawyers hire lousy lawyers…:rofl:

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Weissenberg is expecting a phone call from you soon so he can walk back his immunity deal.

He’s a Clinton Warlock.

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You mean the very limited immunity only dealing with the payment to stormy?

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Yes, When you know there is no collusion, it’s all obvious. And you just laugh at the media cycles where they all ginned up thinking this is the big one over and over. and over and over and over…

It’s hilarious… And now they are just being ignored…

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Sure- by limited do you mean- dealing with election fraud, tax fraud and bank fraud?

Yes… for two years they are the cat run into the wall from the laser dot… Living off nothing burgers and fake fries…

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Yeah- the SDNY and Mueller investigations won’t come up with any more indictments.

Its all over this time!

The media reported what the lawyer told him. It was the lawyer that made the error in this case.

Mean while my avatar is a picture of Obama colluding with Putin…

Flynn: Guilty
Papadopolous: Guilty
Gates: Guilty
Cohen: Guilty
Manafort: Guilty
Pinedo: Guilty
Van der Zweann: Guilty
Russian indictments: 25
Investigations: Still cooking along.

Nothing Burger: Guilty of being a really dumb meme.

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His immunity deal is bad news for trump only if trump did something illegal. Giving the guy immunity got you all excited even though there is no evidence of a crime for anyone to talk about.

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Prosecutors give immunity to those who have evidence of a crime and generally participated in it.

You know those 25 Russians will never see trial don’t ya? That was just to get you all excited.
And it worked…

Actually, none have seen a trial except Manafort for nothing related to Trump…

I know you’ll never look at the actual indictment- but they specifically spelled out all the ways Russians attacked our election process- something normal Americans would care about. Sigh…

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