So much for the Attorney Michael Cohen being the smoking gun

Cheryl Miller? The IT guy?

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Did the Russians make you vote for Trump with a anti-Hillary ad? Was your brain hacked?

Nothing different happened in that election. Beside dems lying to FISA to spy on Trump.

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I did-just a little before you posted it. The Trump Tower stuff likely isn’t going anywhere, even though there would be full on rebellion from Fox if you substituted the name “Obama” for “Trump” in any of it.

The real smoking gun, IMO, was the admission that Trump paid Stormy. Not that we didn’t already know it, but now the guy who did it is confirming it all.

It’s time for Evangelicals and Conservatives to put up or shut up regarding moral character-if one single Trump supporter has the audacity to whine about the moral character of a left-wing candidate after this, they’re MAJOR hypocrites and aren’t to be taken seriously-especially when that same side has to be dragged, kicking and screaming, into the 21st century socially. It took an act of judicial tyranny from a court run amok with radicals to finally get people to but out of other peoples’ marriages, just like it took an illegal act of the dictator Lincoln to free the slaves.

But like Trump has said, there’s virtually nothing he could do that will rips his base away from them. The milk tastes too good.

Way I understand it from reading assorted news reports, the immunity is only in regards to the payment made to Cohen from Trump company.

Mmm…exactly how that payment was made relates directly not only to election fraud but also tax and bank fraud.

Another conservative super cool with Russians interfering with our elections any time they want. What happened to y’all?

Bimbo eruptions… If Monica had not kept the dress, she be there with Paula Jones and the rest…

Leftists should work on their own religion and stop telling others how to run theirs …

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I have long got over the idea that Trump supporters have a moral compass. That was ceded long ago. Now its simply a matter of watching the slow wheels of the judicial system take their course.

You guys gave up morality decades ago so get off the high horse. It’s stupid to be honest players when the left lies continually… I bet you were calling McCain a racist in 2008 like the rest.

Imagine what the IRS would be doing to conservatives, if Hillary had won, after getting away with it under Obama’s FBI…

No one was “flipped” in that case…on purpose, if you ask me.

Sure sure. I am not waiting for you guys to figure out you elected a crook. I’ll wait for the judicial system. So far they are doing a great job…Again:

Flynn: Guilty
Papadopolous: Guilty
Gates: Guilty
Cohen: Guilty
Manafort: Guilty
Pinedo: Guilty
Van der Zweann: Guilty
Russian indictments: 25
Investigations: Still cooking along.

We did that one already… no trials except things not related to Russians…

Meanwhile we have a picture of Obama colluding…


10 whooshes!

They got away with nothing, because it was a fake news scandal. Stop believing fake news.

But, All the dem hacks say that…

Keep working on it, or have someone else explain it to you…

No they don’t. There’s no proof. There was no scandal. No conservative groups were targeted for being conservative. No one was disenfranchised. And when asked to provide proof, you just put your broken record “but Lois Lerner” on the phonograph.

There was nothing for you to explain, as you missed my point. It was quite clear. Try again.

The roller coaster goes up, the roller coaster goes down.