So much for "Spartacus"

Sen. Cory Booker announced Monday that he will end his campaign after failing to qualify for the Democratic debate planned for Tuesday in Iowa.

“It was a difficult decision to make, but I got in this race to win, and I’ve always said I wouldn’t continue if there was no longer a path to victory,” Booker said in an email to supporters Monday.

Another one down – making the D’s more old white people they don’t want in office :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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Cory Booker isnt still an elected member of government? Weird

How many times have we elected something other than an old white male to the WH in our history?

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I wonder what the party breakdown is for this… :face_with_raised_eyebrow::thinking:

Booker will have to work hard to retain his Senate seat.

New Jersey is beginning to lean towards R.


No it’s not.

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Right! It’s definitely not. Politically Jersey is a lot like here in Maryland.

I got a lot of friends in North Jersey specifically in Newark who despise Senator Booker. They saw him in not being genuine and overly dramatic, which is on the nice end, a lot others use the term snake. I personally think he didn’t have a chance to begin with and in my honest opinion probably would be better off continuing being a U.S. Senator.

New Jersey gained one R in the last couple months.

That is enough for a lean.

I rest my case.


Got anything to back up that opinion?


Look above…

No it really is not

1 rep is not leaning R

Spartacus lives on in each of the candidates that remain.

Colorado currently has one rep senator. Does that mean we are leaning rep?

New Jersey has 2 Democratic Senators, 11 Democratic Representatives and 1 Republican Representative. There is no metric where that is considered “leaning R”

Did any flip party alliance in the last few months?


Six years ago…

The 2013 New Jersey gubernatorial election took place on November 5, 2013, to elect the governor of New Jersey. Incumbent Republican Governor Chris Christie ran for re-election to a second term in office.[2] He faced Democratic nominee Barbara Buono and six others in the general election. He was re-elected by a wide margin, tallying over 60 percent of the vote and winning every county in the state aside from heavily Democratic Hudson and Essex.[3] However, less than 40% of registered voters cast ballots, the lowest ever for a gubernatorial election.[1] Christie became the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to win more than 50 percent of the vote since Tom Kean, Sr.'s landslide victory in 1985.

Christie won 21% of African Americans and 51% of Latinos.


It is interesting that Booker and Harris hardly got any support from Black and Hispanic voters.
It still appears that Biden is maintaining the inside track on that. It might prove to be his trump card (pun intended).

Only a mayor of a suburb. But he had been in congress and lost that seat.