So much for "Spartacus"

Six years ago as proof? You’re joking right? Who is the Governor now?

Not Christie, lol.

Just shows the potential.

2020 is up for grabs.

Cory has his work cut out for him. I am not sure running for the Presidency helps him keep his NJ Senate seat.


Nope. But somehow losing the one office Republicans held in the state is proof the state is trending R. :man_shrugging:

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No. It does no such thing. The state is still firmly Democratic leaning

The D’s do have 3 old white men still in the running. They also have 2 women and an openly gay man. To illustrate the difference between the parties -

OK. If you insist.


Wait, New Jersey is beginning to lean towards R? What are you basing that on?

Because this candidate switched parties to volunteer on Trump’s campaign? Is that likely to help him in NJ?

Only ones of the top of my head are Obama and Kennedy. I think the rest were white males over the age of 50, but I feel like I’m missing someone.

Clinton was under 50 when he became president.

He made it this far without reporters asking him about his bathroom assaults on men.

No media bias there.

I put together this little chart for reference of president age at start of their presidency . It includes vice presidents ascending through the death of the president.

Presidents start at 1912 and the election of Woodrow Wilson.


The first graph looks like Yugoslavia before the country broke up in the early 90’s.

Yeah, damn diversity that much more accurately represents the population. Why can’t the Dems settle on one race and gender to represent them?

That Big Tent just gets whiter and whiter.

Is Booker no longer a Democrat?

Sure, and now he’s one who knows his place.

The senate? Oh no.


And the Democratic party.