So much for “left leaning media”

Very little coverage of this and things like it…

This kind of thing is constant with our President. How can people still support him?

Ahhhhhhhhhh…and what is it you give a ■■■■ about? Lies? Murder? A President lying? What? Have you always been concerned about these things or is it all of a sudden?

Very little coverage? LOL. It’s been on the front page for a week.

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We get it. Nothing Trumps says or does bothers you.

No…you don’t get it. When I get ticked…it’s consistent. It isn’t because it’s my guy or your guy.

Likely about the same time you stopped caring about such things.


I’ve never quit. I cared about these things all of my life but in most cases, there’s very little I can do about them. Voting for Trump was one thing that I could do about it and given the same choices, I’d do it again and again and again.

You voted for Donald because you care about lying and wanted to do something about it.

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Yep. Mathmatically…a negative times a negative equals a positive. I’m just checking to see if it works in real life too.

We get it. Everything Trump says or does bothers you.

Let’s meet in the middle.

You care so much about lying that you voted for the biggest and most unrepentant liar because math.



Yes, I’m bothered by pathological liars who demean our military and intelligence agencies, who embarrass our nation and prop up dictators. Don’t you?

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So you hate liars but support Trump?

Don’t I what? Embarras our nations and prop up dictators? I try not to.

Can you name one good thing Trump has done in 2 years?

I meant “aren’t you” as in aren’t you bothered by it it too?

I can name several things Trump has done right.

  1. Opening dialogue with NK. I don’t like how he’s done it, but if NK stops nuclear ambitions that’s positive.

  2. Bringing immigration and border security to issue. Again, I don’t like how he’s done it but no one can disagree that we need immigration reform.

  3. Getting NATO allies to spend more. Again, he’s embarrassed us, but some nations are promising to spend.

There are other things he’s done that have been positive, but that doesn’t change the fact he’s a terrible person.

How did people support the last President to who LIED every time he opened his mouth! Those lies were WHOPPERS that effected lives and effected the security of our country (and the world) whereas those same supporters of the previous President are supposedly “suddenly” concerned with hyperbole from a President who is keeping America safer, our military stronger, and our economy booming.

See, we can.

I am very bothered by most of Trump - the personality:

  1. The constant lying

  2. The golfing

  3. The stupidity

  4. The inability to shut up

They like being lied to. I don’t know why, but they do.


Wait. Wha…!! Oh, you’re serious.

Bwahahahahaha!! :rofl:

@party-free challenged you direct about whether you’d hold Trump to the same standards as you did Obama. And then pointed out the multitude of examples where it wasn’t even remotely close. I can’t tell if you’re serious here and genuinely believe this line about consistency, or if you’re trying to trick people who may not know better?

Trump is, however, good at screwing other men’s wives. As long as he keeps that up he’ll keep the Christian vote (regardless of his lies).