So Let's check in with the Left on This Memorial Day

California High School teacher. Talking to students.

I’ve been told some of the very same things in the last 48 hours on this very board.

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Doesn’t take rocket scientist, just keep them from having sex and doing drugs.

You didn’t watch the video.

do I need to, stupid liberal says something stupid on Fox is called out for being stupid we all are home for dinner by 5.


Stupid? Yes you do.

everything I need to know is in the title of the video.

Is this teacher an elected representative of the Country?

Or anyone actually important?


Funny that.

I’ve taught with right-wing teachers who I know first hand have directly done what Todd Starnes whines about daily at, except with a right-wing slant. It’s far more common than you think.

Says the guy who doesn’t watch Fox News.

yeah. Congrats on finding a dumb person. That doesn’t make up the left. I know plenty of the left who served and participated in memorials today. Is that not the left?

Has Trump insulted this gold star family yet for politicizing their sons death?

And too think libs demand respect while they offer none.

We need more money for public education. Then teachers will stop the political bias in the classroom. rolleyes.

Fox News would have been better served making sure all Americans celebrated a happy Memorial Day!

This teacher is influencing hundreds of young minds every year.

I don’t care for that fellow.

Let’s see the video.

It’s not one. I was told the exact same things on this very board.

Well, that would have been more convenient for libs.

Who told you this?

And even the if true does not make the left. You guys need to stop with the broad brush if you want to be taken seriously. Not that you do.