So how exactly did Bloomberg made his Billions?

I find it odd those here that supported OWS are now supporting Bloomberg. Doesn’t that seem odd?

How do you know who in this thread supported OWS? Presuming?

Who here supported OWS?

And who said they’re supporting Bloomberg?

I find it odd Republican are upset criticizing Bloomberg for being a billionaire when that was the number one reason they supported Trump he is good at “Business”

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Beat me to it

During OWS we had many posters defending them…I will admit many here didn’t defend the raping etc.

But I find it odd…you have 2 candidates that’s attacking Wall street (Bernie/Warren) while running ultimate Wall street insider.

What does anyone in politics have in common with the “common worker”


Trump the builder versus ultimate Wall street insider.

I like that match up.

That’s what the word is.

What do country clubs have to do with the common worker?

They hire a bunch of undocumented workers and so are connected to the common worker by giving them the shaft?

Don’t ya know… Trump builds for the common man… to work in the back room…

I really really hope he’s successful in winning the nomination.

I really do.

Do anyone remember my realignment theory? :sunglasses:

For all our jokes here, Trump has gotten the common man to like him by a) getting them to believe in the “Trump the Builder” myth and giving them a convenient set of boogeymen to blame for their troubles.

It’s going to be a problem if Bloomberg gets the nod.

He is the ultimate New Yorker…that won’t play in the heartland.

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He’s also a real billionaire.



Not a chance. Hes not even polling as high as Yang.

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I agree with Conan here, though.

Bloomberg gets the nod…Trump probably is a lock to win re-election.

I don’t see him either exciting the people that didn’t come out for Hillary last time or attracting swing voters.

He is the ultimate New Yorker.


I dont see him exciting anyone that isnt a millionaire or better. There’s no way he gets the nomination

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You see it right here in this thread. They genuinely think Donald’s just like them.

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