So how exactly did Bloomberg made his Billions?

I heard he’s into job creation but yet I’m not really seeing it other then selling data/information to other millionaires/billionaires.

Maybe someone can explain it to me.

In 2009 while American workers were suffering under great recession he had largest wealth growth.

In March 2009, Forbes reported Bloomberg’s wealth at $16 billion, a gain of $4.5 billion over the previous year, enjoying the world’s biggest increase in wealth in 2009.

So how does that ty him in with common man?

Inquiring minds want to know.

He is not common… He was smart enough to see the value in selling data/information to millionaires/billionaires… Jealous?

So he’s perfect to representing the democrat party?

I’ll tell you how he made his money, not doing cool things.

He got really really rich under Obama administration.

I wonder where that data/information came from.

If you mean the son of an accountant who went to John Hopkins then Harvard and became very successful without inheriting hundreds of millions from daddy, then you are correct.


According to cons the rich are the job creators, so what’s the problem?

Only certain billionaires can ( R )epresent the common man, dontcha know?

And only certain types of billionaires are (D)emons who must have made their money fraudulently…

What did he build?

He allowed businesses to make more money that of course they poured back into the economy creating jobs for the common man.

How it works right?

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So he personally didn’t really build anything other then skim off those that did.

Is that what you’re saying Jay?

In what way is providing a valuable service “skimming”?

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He built a business around things that are more valuable than trinkets from a factory. He recognized the value of information and built a business around that value. That’s what smart people in business do, they spot value early and act.

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So how will that help him to relate with common working man?

Keep in mind he’s running as a democrat.

How does Trump relate with the common working man?

Maybe he’ll swear a lot and give them boogeymen to blame for their lot in life.

Oh wait…that role has been taken.

We’ll have to see, I guess.

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Start a thread…this is about Bloomberg.

Here is a link:

Personally I would choose Bloomberg over any of these Democrat career politicians any day of the week.

And unlike Trump it looks as if he is a real philanthropist.

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He’s got that New York accent though.

That isn’t going to help.