Smart marketing by Trump

I think I like you. LOL.

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Sure they are Tommy…sure they are.

Don’t worry, I didn’t mean you were part of that ninety percent. No offense meant.


Wondering around with your eyes closed Tommy?

uh, do you really want to use that example? Trump can’t help Tweeting like 12yos.

I wouldn’t get too excited. He’s said nicer things about Kim Jong Un.

You give this forum way too much credit if you think anyone is paid to post here.

So far your stats aren’t working out for my comment. Check out the replies for actual political debate vs. snark only.

Grandmother Hillary introduced the concept of Macedonian troll writers. Who are you to argue with her?

A conservative who does not give two hoots what she has to say or think.

I guess you get used to the smell after awhile. I mean, they have been standing in it for 2 years now.

LOL you have em pegged on your first day here.

Their goal is to discourage conservatives from discussion issues through whatever means necessary.

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Arthur de Gobineau would :heart: this thread.

Count Joseph Arthur de Gobineau (14 July 1816 – 13 October 1882) was a French aristocrat who is best known today for helping to legitimise racism…

Ms. man. Are you gonna be my new personal tick troll? I think you are! The newest member of my Downvote Rump Ranger posse. Congratulations.

Whatever you’d prefer to call me.

He [Gobineau] further distinguished within the white category the super-elite of Aryans with superior blood.

Even within this third category Gobineau identified a super- elite of Aryans (a term ever more in vogue since the Indo-European philological revolution around 1800), comprising those who had kept freest from mixture with other races or with debased Whites.

Probably just a coincidence, but it’s amazing how often these coincidences occur.

Forgot 2nd link. Page 75:

¯_(ツ)_/¯ This place isn’t for the faint of heart.

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I myself get a 5 bucks a post from soros.

He,s owes me a cool million for my 16 years on hannity.

Anyone who thinks people get paid to post…


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I myself am a double secret super elite known only to a select few.


Man, I should have really gotten in on some of that sweet, sweet Soros cash. I’m heading towards my 13th year posting here, and even though a great majority of my posts would likely be in complete opposition to what these kooks proclaim Soros is seeking, I could have used that extra coin in my pocket. :rofl: