Smart marketing by Trump

Donald Trump to Supporters: ‘You’re the Super Elite’

The days of being the deplorables ARE OVER!

When you call yourself a deplorable you feel like a deplorable. When you call yourself a SUPER ELITE winner, you are the winner.

BTW, we know what the progressive hate crowd is and we can’t actually print that here.

Trumpanzees are so well trained.

Yeah, go with that, might as well just increase the level of delusion.

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Where can I pick up my “Super Elite” sticker so everyone knows how awesome I am and I can shun those without one?

I love the explicit and open celebration of the most transparent pandering propaganda ploys!

Being stroked and manipulated . . . to own the libs!


The next Trump rally. Provided you are are wearing your MAGA hat and carrying your Trumpy Bear.

Anticipating the howl from my new collection of Downvote Rump Rangers I’d love to say to all my new friends that it’s important to back the ones you agree with as the paid gutter trolls seem to be numerous and eager to get their nickel a comment in. Overwhelm them.

If I fall short on YOUR excellent conservative comment chide me and I’ll step up.

Come on, you don’t want to inconvenience the super elite. Maybe have the non-super elite wear something so they’re easily identifiable. How about a gold star? Just brainstorming.

Just because you call yourself the Pope, doesn’t mean you get to live in the pimp suite in the Vatican. Just saying.

Well, you know…if you don’t have trump telling you that you are “super elite”, you might think you are just a nobody.

Weird. Trump the demagogue has railed against the elites. Now he’s calling his supporters the elites. It’s like a whipsaw, man.

Oh well. Congratulations on being the Super Elite. I guess this means you get priority boarding on the planes now.

That’s so funny. Did he actually say that? And now you’re just parroting it for him?

Thanks again, for the chuckles!

The folk on Stormfront are going to simply love the SUPER ELITE quote.


Hard to tell listening to it if he said “Super Elite” or “Uber Elite”, they sound so similar.

So familiar…Nietzsche’s “superman” idea that Hitler converted to the “super race”…

i wonder if the neo-nazis think of themselves as SUPER ELITE now.

Ubermenschen. Noice. Smort.

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Being new here I’m still sorting out the trolls. Bored bad attitude 13 year olds or paid Macedonian Soros trolls?

At least the Soros trolls are working. The future unemployable juniors, vinegar and puke running through their young veins lay on their damp beds, the basement ceiling weighing heavily on their bleary eyes. And their mommies are such meanies!

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You’ll find that about ninety percent of the posters here are here for actual political debate.

If you don’t see who the trolls are…then it’s you. :wink: