Slain Missouri Ku Klux Klan leader's wife admits killing him

He was an Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. She basically blew his face off with a 9mm. She originally told police that her son did it but later changed her story.

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He used to be.

Correct. Now there will be a replacement.

Is she getting remarried?

That’s a real shame.

Damm getting your face blasted off by your wife has got to suck

You’ll have to call her.

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Gross, why would I call her?

She may know whose next in line.

I don’t see how. Shouldn’t she be in jail for admitting to murder? I don’t think her little basement group would want to play with her anymore.

Uh, if her husband was an imperial wizard she probably knows who is up next.

And where did you read that it’s a basement group? Is that a guess or something? Just trying to downplay them?

Because the klan is a running joke to most people who live out in areas where they operate. They’re only scary to libs who don’t don’t venture out enough to get to know the people they’re bigoted against.

“Dude, he’s a Grand. Wizard. That’s like, 9-11 times a thousand scary!” :roll_eyes: lol

What was the motive ?

The KKK is simply part of the White Nationalist/White Supremacist group now.

When the IRS busted up the KKK decades ago the KKK had to splinter into thousands of smaller groups (over time) so they couldn’t be busted up the same way again.

It’s a feature, not a bug. Not sure, if you have any age on you, that you don’t know that.

I’ll bet everything you’ve ever said about any actual klansmen was something you read or heard from someone else. If you ever met one, you’d feel at ease with yourself. :wink:


Yeah, you can’t just take someone’s word for it you just have to get to know a klansmen to really get to know what they about.

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Are you saying i’m a klansman or just trying to change the subject in some weird way?

Stay concentrated on the scary klansmen aspect of that if you don’t get the broader wisdom that traveled men know for themselves when untraveled warriors are spouting second-hand stereotypes about things they’re trained to react to. :wink:

Holy crap, you took that as me suggesting you’re a klansmen and not as me at least hinting that the vast majority of these small pockets of supremacists are low-iq nobodies?

Wow. This is some delicate stuff right here. :rofl:

Beat me to it :rofl:

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