Six replies per day limit for new posters?

Um…thatnis going to squelch participation in a big fat hurry.

Can we look into getting that limit removed?


Absolutely, changing now…standby…

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Should be all set - set it to 15.

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After everyone is transferred over I do think it makes sense to have some kind of limit for new users for a week or so. That way if we do have Bots or fakes it limits them on sudden events.

Yeah I set it to 6, then just bumped to 15. We’ll find the sweet spot. Just keep me in the loop on what you guys think it should be set to. Bumping you both up to “level 3” users as well. Thank you for helping with feedback!


I just posted “Thanks” and tried to post and it said posts need to be minimum 10 characters.

It was twenty. I think bill knocked it down to ten.

I agree with CitM that it makes sense to limit the number of posts coming from New Users, so as to avoid bots and fake accounts. Out of curiosity, once someone makes it out of their New User status, will there be a limit on posts per day or anything of the sort?

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You are going to ruin sneakys day…


You should remove it period for a few weeks if not days for us older folks so we get this site moving…otherwise people like sneaky and conan are done in ten minutes…just saying limiting at the beginning is a bad idea


They had to drop it down so Cratic could continue to post “Trump is cool” and Peek “Please don’t stop!”


Hey everyone. Just letting you know I’m here. I know you were all very worried.


How long is one considered to be a new member?

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I believe the rule for Alaskans is FOREVER! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Good … that’s exactly how much time I have. :sunglasses:


Ha…touche. Well played my friend! :clap:

I agree. It’s worth the risk of bots spamming initially to let folks post at the normally accustomed rate. The limit applies built-in inertia that will make it hard for the new platform to gain traction.

I say this for the following reasons:

  • Reason 1.
  • Reason 2.
  • Hot damn. It's cool being able to put HTML direct into a post. This is an awesome feature.

He won’t be the only one. :wink:

Let’s find out if you can nest lists. That would be cool.

  1. numbered list 1
  2. numbered list 2
  • nested bullet 1
  • nested bullet 2
  • numbered list 3
  • number list 4
  • Ehhh. not so elegantly I see.

    I don’t see any need to limit “new” old posters. :grin: