Six people arrested so far as part of Neo Nazi terrorist group

FBI has arrested a total of six people this week an a number of charges ranging from illegal entry, and conspiracy to commit murder.

all six are members of the Neo Nazi group “The Base” which is a militant organization that think the U.S is going to collapse into a race war.

In total, the arrests of the six men — three from Georgia, two from Maryland, and one from Canada — mark a broad-based law enforcement response to a group that has largely operated anonymously as its membership has grown in recent months.

Luke Austin Lane, Jacob Kaderli, and Michael John Helterband were arrested on Wednesday on charges of conspiracy to commit murder and participation in a criminal gang, the Georgia newspaper Rome News Tribune first reported Thursday night. It wasn’t clear Friday whether the men had legal representation.

According to an affidavit provided to TPM by the Floyd County Police Department, all three men were members of The Base.

The affidavit narrates how an FBI agent went undercover and participated in the vetting process for the group, gaining information on its membership and training regimen, which included “retreating under fire” drills and moving-and-shooting drills.

The Base is an “accelerationist” organization that seeks to prepare members for race war, and has seen its footprint grow in recent months as it tries to become an international neo-Nazi network.

  • The Base is an “accelerationist group that encourages the onset (of) anarchy and so it can then ‘impose order from chaos.’” The CEP says The Base seeks to train members to fight a race war and draws inspiration from the book “Siege” by the neo-Nazi James Mason.

  • The Base was launched by Norman Spear, also known as Roman Wolf, in 2018. The CEP said both names are believed to be pseudonyms. The Base’s members portray themselves as vigilante soldiers defending the “European race” from a broken “system” infected by Jewish values, according to the Anti-Defamation League.

  • The Base has organized training camps around North America on weaponry and military tactics and distributed manuals for "lone-wolf terror attacks, bomb-making, counter-surveillance and guerrilla warfare.

If six is all they could find it seems the problem is well in hand and we don’t need to worry about them any more.

These pictures from the articles above have been around before…6 or 8 months ago, maybe longer.

The leader is a Canadian should have known. Glad they were caught.

This is the kook that hangs out online with Manson family kooks. He’s a derelict. He was a 70’s Nazi kook

Wikipedia says

As of November 2019, it was reported by local media that Mason is living in government-subsidized housing in Denver and eats at local soup kitchens.[13

That’s great news. If they caught six, how many are left?

Well, if you go by the words and actions of the Governor of Virginia, thousands.

IMO…this is a spin in which to label the peaceful protestors protesting for their 2nd Amendment rights on the 20th as being associated with these asses?


Ding, ding, ding, “We have a Winner”.

The next question is…will the media or will they not…ignore ANTIFA when their uninvited asses show up and start committing acts of violence?

And if white supremacists show up and run people over, will Trump say there are good people on both sides?


You tell me? Do you think the intention of those who’ve planned this protest are doing so to commit acts of violence?

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You’ve gotten quiet. Why? This is a very similar scenario where citizens are attempting to protest…the correct way. Apply for permits, organize…set a date and protest…peacefully.

Then…in Charlottesville, others showed up. It was one of the very first times ANTIFA was introduced to the average person and the media never said a word about them. They piled on one side. The President recognized this and told the truth…there were good people on both sides. That’s how it will be this time too but…how will the media spin it for the sheople like yourself? Here you are still, years later, regurgitating and bleeting out what they fed you like a good l’il sheople. Grow up.


You may as well be telling a leopard to change his spots.

Gotten quiet? Sorry for doing other things in the morning, like feed my kids.

Sheeple? Haha, boy oh boy. That’s rich.

You can parse our what happened as much as you want, but Trump* failed to specifically call out the white supremacists as bad people in his initial mention when asked about it. He failed.


Don’t know. It only takes one bad egg to incite violence.

That will certainly be true.

Now if all X,000 pro 2nd supporters decide to slaughter the opposition it wouldn’t be but that’ll never happen just like it didn’t happen at Charlottesville.

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Slaughter the opposition? Is this some sort of fight? Competition?

Charlottesville wasn’t about 2nd A, it was about the removal of Confederate monuments. The generals who fought to PRESERVE slavery?

You conflated the two, not me.

The media…THE MEDIA piled on one side…and one side ONLY. The President was the only one to acknowledge two sides. There are many American citizens that do not want statues destroyed. If it’s decided to relocate them by an approved process, so be it. What was happening was around the south, triggered infants were destroying these statues and so “good people” attempted to protest these actions. It would appear that others, who may have been affiliated with right wing groups also showed up, as well as ANTIFA. The President was correct…in that there were good people there on both sides. The media NEVER acknowledged that and YOU…swallowed it.