Since when is this ok?

Amazing to me that not one person in that audience had the decency and courage to stand up and call it out for what it was. I certainly would have.

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It probably is. However, I don’t expect those who live in a tiny social and ideological bubble to understand the point Dave Chappelle was making.


What important point did I miss lurking beneath his vile racism?

Oh and if I am living in a bubble, it’s a liberal one. I am like the only conservative in my family and social circle.

LOL…vile racism? Really?
You’re hilarious.
How bout this…use your brain and listen again. I know you won’t because faux outrage and clutching your pearls is more suitable for you.

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How many times do I have to listen until the racism goes away?

Listen for the first time, you meant.

Exactly. Someone told this dude to be mad. Like I said, faux outrage.

What a ridiculous charge. I have watched just about everything Chappelle has done over the years. I am a big fan of stand up. This one was beyond the pale, even for him.

Virtue signal much? LOL!


If I called you a ■■■■■■, is that vile? How about the reverse, a black person saying white ■■■■■■ ?

Is that what liberals call not condoning racism now?

I live in the south and moved here almost 40 years ago. When I first arrived, there were KKK protests on street corners, out in the open, with young children dressed up like their father. That was in Charlotte, North Carolina. I then purchased a business and moved out into the country. The racism was even worse. When it entered my business, I directly confronted it…and EVERYBODY knew where I stood. Today, decades later, I now see more interracial children in the south, than anywhere else in the country. Traditional racism may not have died all the way but over the decades, it has rescinded a ton. I don’t care which way racism is coming from or what color the skin is of the individual perpetuating it, if The Lord is your Father, EVERYONE is your brother and I will fight racism to my last breath here on earth.

After everything he said, that’s your issue? LOL
You probably didn’t listen to the monologue either.
Now the n-word will always be problematic for me, HOWEVER it did not take away from the message Dave Chappelle conveyed.

Cool story bro.



Sorry, no legitimate grievance excuses racism, his grievance isn’t with all white people. But his racism was.

I know you’re a good person but IMO you should work on strengthening your beliefs and remove color from that. It’s hard to do but skin pigmentation is partly blinding you to the truth.



Yes, yes, we know, racism is hilarious.

Oh the outrage!