Since when is this ok?

Dave Chappelle hosted SNL last week end and delivered a profoundly racist monologue. How does that make it on the air? It wouldn’t have if his target was anyone else but white people.


Let me get the fainting couch out.


Simple…when racism is reversed, it’s different.


Yes, I am aware some will make excuses for it. Not a good look.


I am not making an excuse for it at all.

I just don’t get all up in arms about it.

Love how he excoriates his neighbors as rubes who have never been anywhere or seen anything. Thing is, everyone in southwest Ohio knows Yellow Springs is a liberal stronghold. Usually referred to as a bunch of hippies.

So put you down as not being offended by racism. Ok.


You don’t have to get all up in arms. Just express your opinion the same way if the comedian was white and he spoke of the black race with the same disdain. You didn’t do that, now did you? It’s…different…just like I said.

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I am not offended by Dave Chappelle

You can decide to be offended if you want.


I always thought, any half way decent person would be offended by racism.

I think that the point that Chappelle is making is being intentionally lost.

It’s okay… the people who want to be offended by him will be. Can’t change that.

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If Trump preceded it by talking about his enslaved ancestors… it wouldn’t make any sense.

The point he’s making? That all poor white people go to Klan rallies? No, I don’t think I missed it.

Yeah…make up excuses to excuse racism when it crosses your path and base it on…race.


Yeah…I know and how about those, “white ■■■■■■■”.

Sorry that he offended you.

If the President preceded that joke by talking about Reagan… it would have been weird.

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I’m not offended by the comments coming from the mouth that says stupid things and then picks up a cigarette, inhales and proves how stupid he is.


Yep…smoking is stupid.

Well…we found common ground. :tumbler_glass:

Ok which program or social media told people they needed to be offended by Dave Chappelle?

Because I’m going to lay pretty fair odds none of the people complaining in this post watched SNL on Saturday.