Simple Questions for the Gun Control Crowd

Do you support law-abiding citizens to won guns?
Do you support Joe Biden wanting to ban some handguns?
Do you support a gun ban like the ones in Australia, England, and Canada?

I only support technological approaches such as databases that can be searched with algorithms.

Since it’s always the guy that everyone knew was crazy, it should be possible to quantify these behaviors and automatically flag people for further observation based on their posting history, law enforcement paper trails, and gun purchases.

Interesting. How?


That’s outside my skillset. I assume software engineers can figure that out the same way advertising has become nearly clairvoyant.

Why not?

I’m sure they can do it, once somebody defines the parameters. “Quantifying behavior” problematic.

Because how much I buy is not your business.

Is there a constitutional issue with it?
Otherwise, I can see it eventually becoming other people’s business. That information would be very valuable for building a digital paper trail.

Yes, there is a Constitutional issue with it. Why would it eventually be your business?

Of course it would be “valuable”, it’s a gun registry.

A digital paper trail for what purpose?


It’s icky

The more shooters fed into the system, the better it gets. I don’t think it’s problematic. There has to be a pattern because the perpetrators are rarely surprising, even to the human gut.

They aren’t “shooters” until they shoot. When they do, they are immediately “fed into the system”.

Aren’t you really wanting to feed gun owners “into the system”?


Define “shooters” please.

I’ll take your word for it.

If there is any flex in the constitutional issue, the value of the information will eventually overcome political resistance.

That’s for local law enforcement to figure out. The database’s job is done once it flags a white hot profile. They have a full summary of someone exhibiting the same behaviors we always hear about after the shooting, so they can sus out whether or not he’s a threat on their own.

My intention is to eliminate the excuse that law enforcement didn’t see it coming when everyone else around the person knows they’re a timebomb

I’d like to see universal background checks and raising the age on assault rifles to 21. Along with that, we also need to address the societal issues that are making mass shootings so prevalent in our country.

You’re asking me to do a job I’m not qualified for. I’d start with school shooters and terrorists. If there’s a better answer, use that.

What value is the information? You haven’t explained that? For example, what value is that information in regards to Buffalo? Uvalde? A street shooting?

Oh no. You don’t get to do that.

Is “everyone else” saying something. Uvalde’s grandfather says he didn’t know the AWG had guns in the same house.

Did the girl in Germany “flag his posts”?

You think they can’t hide it?

The system has no way to track gun owners. It just looks for gun purchases. Thats a behavior that can be profiled in context with everything else.

There are already universal background checks. Both Buffalo and Uvalde passed them, so did a lot of others.

Raising the age is fine, as long as you raise it for everything else. Voting, sexual consent, military service, driver’s license.


How do I become a gun owner without making a gun purchase?

They are in the system the moment they pull the trigger and are convicted.

Are you trying to put them in the system before they are convicted?


This makes no sense.

Gun purchases is indeed a “behavior”. It is not an illegal “behavior”.