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  • Socialism
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Reading today’s latest policy enactment from the white house
It’s a simple question

Is trump " Our great American companies are hereby ordered to immediately start looking for an alternative to China ," socialism or socialism-curious?

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It is socialism. He is directly, as the head of the Federal government giving an order to private companies, and has no authority to do so under the constitution.

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Hillary lost bro

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Damn socialist administration

tRuMp iS cOoL


Am I doing this right?




Total disarray


If you are part of the Chinese Communist cabal, I can see why you hate Trump.

This isn’t the job of a president…shame on anyone voting for this.

11 vote so far but we can get more votes to really get a good gauge of what the forum member believe.

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I voted not.

Solely because he can’t give that order. It would be like me telling my neighbors kids they need to go to bed.

But he is the president trying to act in a official capacity telling business what they need to do… whether or not he has the ability to do it is irrelevant


It’s not socialism. It’s a ■■■■■■■ royal proclamation.

Look what y’all have wrought.

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Is your recent use of alliteration just a coincidence or is it intentional? It’s really neat. I see it in a lot of your posts.

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That is true but a royal proclamation would have some kind of power and legitimacy behind it

This is the wackiest ■■■■ I have ever seen in American politics. Period.

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I keep saying we have well over a year to go

Maybe Trump put on his Burger King crown before he tweeted that.