Simple answer to an obvious question

If a white cop shoots a minority after the victim fires at him, did the white cop shoot the minority?

If a cop shoots an unarmed man and then plants a gun near the victim, did the victim have a gun?

If a cop gets shot at, and fires back, and hits a person. Did the cop shoot the shooter?

If someone gets shot and a cop shows up, did the cop do the shooting?

if someone calls the cops and says they heard gun shots, does it mean that someone got shot?

if someone says there is a quid pro quo and the transcript says there was not, was there a quid pro quo?

That took a long time to get to nowhere.



So everyone is lying then except for the great one? What is their goal?

The panic… the fear… the desperation…

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To thwart the great work of MAGA, clearly.

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The repetitveness, the boredom, the mockery…

Same gimps who were all in on collusion are back for another disappointing result.

so if there is no defined motive then there is no crime?

perhaps it is revenge for the email investigation or the Benghazi hearings, or the cum stain on a blue dress.

or perhaps they just wanted to win the presidency. Perhaps it is a coup like the lawyer said.

or perhaps it is just politics.

I’ve been away a couple of weeks - have we see a transcript yet or just the edited memo of the conversation?

you know you hit the nail on the head.

They tell us they released the transcript and then we find out it is an edited version.

They tell us there is a whistleblower and it turns out there is not according to the definition of first hand knowledge.

our debate is mired in misinformation

This is just desperate.

I don’t know. Who approved the “transcript”?

if a person stabs another person to death in front of witnesses, but doesn’t explicitly yell “murder, murder, murder!” while doing it, was there a murder?

You got us now! :rofl:

The phone call transcript?

That’s vulgar.

that would depend on whether or not there was a body. Or if someone destroyed the body.

as in no evidence no crime. Or if nobody looked for a body then of course it was not murder clearly.

This is obviously the dumbest thread in all of Hannitydom.

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perhaps presumption of innocense and due process are no longer relevant

Oh what a tangled web. The transcript is not a verbatim account of the telephone call. It cannot be used successfully to defend Trump.

Or the one that is reality is that D Trump is unfit to hold the office of the President of the USA.