Silence Is Fear. Let LEOs Interfere Without Retaliation

Defunding and reducing the responders in any police force only harms the communities they protect and overwhelms their tactical abilities and physical capability to perform double or triple duty.

At the very foundation, permit, WITHOUT any type of retribution and retaliation against any officer and their family members, on duty or at home, the freedom to report the untoward activity of another officer AND to utilize any ethical human interference/resource to prevent the offensive behavior conducted against an individual.
Most officers won’t overtly verbally Interfere or try to forcibly separate or stop their partner from wrongfully and excessfully harming a person in their control, ESPECIALLY in a public setting. Why?

Fear of personalized retribution by certain members of their uniformed fellowship? Minimizing the humiliating personal and observant exposure of their partner when they need to be reprimanded or told to govern themselves appropriately? Many other reasons can induce the silence of inaction but it’s been long past the time to prevent and report abusive and criminal conduct by those enforced to offer safety for every citizen.

Stop the Silence Of Fear, let them speak to freely exercise their duty to protect the public, in order for police brutality to be eradicated. Ensure a secure foundation and it will never fail or fall or be destroyed by outside implementation or attack.

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No. They broke the faith and their oath.

They lost the moral authority to police themselves.


Defund the ■■■■ outta them
We defund education
government programs, etc

It’s time the “boys in blue” pull themselves up by the bootstraps.


who is “they?”

The police and judiciary who enabled them.

i figured

“some police” (very damn few) have done this, but nothing indicates “the police” have broken their oath

broad ass ■■■■■■■ brush ■■■■■■■■

Yes, there is. Plenty. We’re going to have to disagree.

You betcha, blue privilege is endemic in the American Injustice system.

“blue privilege”

geezus. what ■■■■■■■■■

yes sneak. we will disagree on what actually is vs what you think

Is it? I disagree completely and can list numerous examples of it today. But it won’t do any good, will it?

numerous examples applied to all police?

i can show you numerous examples of pervert priests. are all priests and the church perverts?

Yes. All police.

your argument has no supporting evidence

Qualified immunity


that’s not evidence of your claim that “all police” are violating their oath

Are you sure?

Does the oath include upholding the Constitution?

you are the one claiming all police break their oath

don’t gatling gun me questions.

show how.

I just did.