Siege of Kyiv is about to start

Exactly we have been talking about the same thing at work on zoom, asking questions why are they not doing this why not that, one of the co workers said cause this isn’t the U.S. military der.


does it even have air support?

We used to laugh when 60lb IED’s went off under our armor. I could take any one of those Russian vehicles out with 20lbs.


The Russians have a real bad habit of throwing out infantry and armor without proper support.

I would have thought they’d have learned that lesson by now. It’s only been 30 years.

The Russians aren’t doing any better than they did in Chechnya. They should feel ashamed of this performance.

I have this weird feeling that if the Ukrainians had been slightly better prepared, they’d have cleaned the Russian out of their country on the second or third day.

Where is our LEROY JENKINS to take out this convoy?

Get Leroy on this stat.


Ukraine president is wanting the west to issue a no fly zone over Ukraine…Biden admin dismissed it.

As I said…this is going to go on and on and on and west can’t do a damn thing about it other then maybe sneak in few Javelins.

of course he want a no fly zone, what defending force wouldn’t.

If the Russians keep these convoys moving at this level of vulnerability without air cover, those Su-25s the Ukrainians just received will have a field day.

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And NATO turned him down. All we can do is sit by and offer some arms while they lay siege to Kyiv.

The insurgency will be go on for years.

I saw videos of civ driving around throwing molotovs are Russians.

I wonder: if Russia starts with the wholesale butchery, I bet Biden will come under incredible pressure to intervene militarily. Anyone here have a—what’s it called again?—a red line?

Did they also gave them arms for those Su-25?

Surely the Russians know this? What gives?

You’re watching a bunch of recycled trash is what you’re doing. :rofl:

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I assume so. Otherwise the planes would be literally useless.

Biden isn’t a idiot, he knows he can’t do anything he had his chance to scare Putin off this but he blinked.

still funny.

A Reenactment of the 1991 American & Canadian air assault on retreating Iraqis along Highway 80 (renamed the Highway of Death) might be in order. An estimated 1,200 Iraqis were killed and or incinerated along with approximately 1,500 vehicles.
Unfortunately Putin the inbred Slav would undoubtedly unleash his nukes.


Yes, it is. :rofl:

All we can do is watch and hope that what little arms we gave em will have an impact.

Other then that expect nightly dose of atrocities.