Siege of Kyiv is about to start

Are we prepared for nightly news of death and destruction and other atrocities?

Make no mistake…the convoy that’s coming is now said to be 40 miles long. Russians will surround the city starve and bomb them out.

Who here remember the nightly news of siege of Sarajevo and then Kosovo war of atrocities?

Other then giving Ukrainians small arms what is NATO going to do? Ukrainians are asking for air support which we cannot/won’t do.

So are you prepared?

Also what will Putin do outside of Ukraine?

We’ll see how well they do without having established air superiority.

I would assume military wise he could take over every non-NATO country he likes.

A police action inside his own borders broke the military so badly that soldiers were starving to death in their barracks for five years and the smart ones became warlords.

He isn’t going to do that.

Might want to look into that.

They just picked up 70 of jet fighters in Poland

And the 70 or so aircraft the Ukrainian Air Force just received. Including some Su-25s, the Soviet equivalent of the A-10.

The Ukrainians have a real fighting chance here. The odds aren’t necessarily in their favor. But they do have a shot.

At the very least, it’ll go down in history as one of those great final stands. The Ukrainian president and his army will be immortalized.

This looks imminent not sure how much Belarus military will make a difference. Alarming video from the western part of the Belarusian-Ukrainian border. A convoy of 38th Air Assault Brigade of the Belarusian army (not Russian) near Kobryn in Brest region. Most of the vehicles are marked with red squares

Look at all that fresh meat. If only IED’s were a thing.



I know and they know they are coming as well and again even being retarded in military doctrine I foresee them trying to block off the border to the west getting supplies into the Ukraine.

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Two flights of A10s and a Spectre


I hope we start hiring contractors to go teach some classes. I was a Combat Engineer, after all. lol


I like it!


One would think even Reuters is reporting their is a traffic jam 17 miles long of Russian tanks and other vehicles stretching back from Kiev.

It’s to bad I remember reading what the Americans did during desert storm when the Iraqi convoy got stuck.


Highway of death. A special place.


Jesus it’s getting ready to go full Escape from NYC or in this case Kiev.

This whole war just goes to show you how ridiculously far ahead of the rest we are. Look at the lack of armor in their convoy. Look at the spacing of the vehicles. Look at their pitiful version of “shock and awe”.

They’re hot garbage.


Look at the picture I posted, supposedly backed up 17 miles. What a target

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All that money they’ve spent. Gone to waste.

Definitely a far cry from the Soviet army at its height. They still haven’t even came close to matching it. Much less the United States.