Shut it down...Trump's threaten shutdown over wall funding

Trump tweets that he is willing to shut the government down if he doesn’t get his wall in the next budget… I think shutting down the government a month for the mid-term elections is a great idea for the GOP…



Countdown for the backdown.

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Can you imagine the look on Ryan and McConnell’s face when they read that this morning?


A beautiful parting gift for Ryan, imo. Dude may as well be fleeing a hit and run.

Boehners timing on calling it quits is looking better and better.

As for McConnell, as long as he gets those Judges I don’t think he cares what else happens.


The DNC better watch out though, he also posted this today…


On the bright side, could this be a sign that Trump is going to use an Executive Order and remove pot from the DEA schedule?..

Republican are still blaming Democrat when they control both houses of Congress :laughing:

That is amazing. Lincoln!

Trump is constricting the number of people who identify GOP. I wouldn’t be surprised if he hit 100% by the time this is over.

What the ■■■■ is wrong with this clown? :rofl:

Isn’t Mexico supposed to be paying for the wall?


I’m not quite so sure you actually understand the conservative mind set. I think you may underestimate the willingness to take a few hits while keeping the end goal in sight.

There is nothing awful (to me) about border security or merit based immigration. I fully welcome those who are needed and do so within legal means. I also fully support enforcement of our laws as it relates to illegal immigrants.


He has major insecurity issues.

And I support the will of the people as executed through congress… If Trump can’t lead, even members of his own party, to develop legislation that includes funds for building the wall that his own party members will support, then he isn’t a leader.

What are the approval numbers for Congress? One of the reasons Trump won was his stance on illegal immigration and securing our borders.

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Then the GOP should have no fear of the midterm elections… You know we hold elections for all of the house and a third of the members of the senate every two years… Let’s let the people speak in November… :joy:

I wasn’t aware that approval polls were conducted when Lincoln was president. Thanks for teaching me that Donald.

With the likes of Maxine Waters, Nancy Pelosi and Ms. Cortez to look up to, I really do hope the midterms start draining the swamp creatures out.

They were mostly online only, so their veracity is heavily disputed.



You also have to a little math because some of the votes only counted as 3/5 a vote…:joy:

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Look, Donald Trump can’t sit down with adults from his own party and work this stuff out because he doesn’t have that skill set. So he just threatens his own team.

Oops! Yes I’m sure Trump longs for a poll where only white men can vote.