Shut it down (9-20-2018)

“U.S. President Donald Trump pressed fellow Republicans in Congress on Thursday to “get tough” and push to fund his proposed border wall in the current spending bill, raising the specter of a government shutdown when funding lapses later this month.”

LOL. I passed 93-7. Bi Partisan support all around.

You’ll sign it. Just like last year. Eat your peas.


Trump isn’t going to shut down the government this close to the mid terms.

It’s hard to say. He’s crazy.

It’s easy for me to say: “HE’S CRAZY”.

I know what you meant though.

Please shut it down Mr. President :rofl:

Let’s do this thang fat donald! Shut it down!

Nobody will even notice if it’s shut down! Our host has assured us that this is just a talking point of far-left radicals and DSA operatives.

Shut the the ■■■■■■ down, Trump!

In the immortal words of Colin Kaepernick, “Just ■■■■■■■ Do It!”

Oh wait, you don’t have the stones, do you Fat Donald?

You’re all shroom and no stones. SAD!


Well it’s veto proof in the senate. We’ll have to see how it comes out in the House.

I just hope Congress sticks to it if Trump does happen to find his spine and veto it.

I hope all Americans are observing the obstruction of enforcing immigration laws by both sides of the aisle. It isn’t just about either Rs or Ds, the midterms are about removing/replacing even more establishment politicians.

LOL. The r’s are going status quo for midterms. Its the dems who are thinking outside the box.


^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ the lib think tank ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

The idea that a border wall is necessary to enforce immigration laws makes as much sense as saying your local sheriff needs a tank.

Besides, Dems even tried to make a deal and offered to fund a border wall through bipartisan compromise. Trump turned them down. If all he wanted was a wall and “enforcing the laws” this would have been over long ago.

But it’s not about enforcing the laws, is it. It’s about restructuring immigration to keep the people from, what was it, ■■■■ holes, from getting in.

We will see if enough people are stupid enough to buy the Trump administration’s rhetoric on this.

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And QAnon is the R’s LOL.

every R consults them,


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…and doing the same thing over and over but now expecting different results is the definition of what again?

Voting Republican.



This is a little awkward…




Trump is anything but doing the same thing over and over again. That’s another reason…I’m luvin it. :sunglasses:

Yeah. So different.

Tax cut.
Blow up deficit.

Republican administrations. Rinse and repeat.

The difference isn’t what he’s done. The difference is how he’s made you feel. That’s what you get for electing a reality TV star.