Shut it down (9-20-2018)

Ya mean that burning sensation on top of your head?

Nah. That warm fuzzy feeling you got believing this time it’s different.

And maybe the over exuberant nationalism.

Hey, if you think voting for a Republican Congress is going to magically change something, after having a Republican Congress for two years without anything being done on immigration, be my guest. You should be used to waiting by now.

Normally your comprehension is better than what you’re currently displaying. I want the establishment gone.

You’ll just replace it with a new establishment.

New boss same as the old boss. The only difference is that you’ll feel you’ve done something different. Results are the same.

So who is on the ballot in your district in November, and who are you voting for?

The house today passed a spending bill to keep the government open until December 7th. This bill passed both the Senate and the House with veto proof majorities. I wonder if Trump will risk getting his veto overridden?

Donald Trump doesn’t have the balls to veto a bill.

Chances of a veto. slim and none and slim walked out the door.

Trump does not have the stomach for this fight.


Trump is playing eleventh dimensiony chess - draining the swamp by plugging the drain.


Bi-partisan support.


But my wall!

I personally think Mexico SHOULD pay for the wall. They pay 20 billion or so and get sole access to the Rio Grande, a major waterway. Plus they can now charge all the Texans using that water for their farms. It would pay for itself in a year, and then its all profit. Plus, due to the intricacies of not being able to put in right ON the border they would get a good chunk of Texas as well.

Well worth it!


Classic diversion tactic, brilliantly employed by our Messiah.

“Holy crap, he’s giving us everything we want - quick, cut spending!”

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Trump is the biggest con job perpetrated on a whole bunch of idiots.

But, but…MAGA :us: