Should we stop funding the WHO?

It is obvious that the WHO is more of a political organisation than a health organisation. Why are we sending them your tax dollars? All these nit wits have done is to praise China for their “transparency” in the middle of a huge cover up. This organisation is nothing but a cheerleading club for totalitarian regimes. It’s time to let them move on without us. They don’t deserve another penny from you or me.

What will we replace it with?

Why does it need replacing?

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This ^^

During a global pandemic? Of course not. Don’t be ridiculous.

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Yes. And NATO while we are at it.

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I’m all for USA exiting the UN, frankly.

What benefit are we deriving from it during this global pandemic?

They have exacerbated the problem by running cover for China.


If cheerleading for authoritarian regimes is your yardstick, I assume there is no way you will vote for Trump this year, given his embrace of Kim, Orban, Erdogan, Putin etc. Good to know.

Meanwhile you might take a look at the services the WHO provides globally rather than using it as a shield to deflect from failures in US policy.


Flies. Honey. Vinegar.

What services does WHO provide in the United States?

There should be an administrative mechanism that distributes healthcare resources and expertise from the first world into the third-world.

The bill needs to be redistributed around the world and the current leader must be replaced and potentially prosecuted? This is where I’d start.

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Have you ever been in a remote rural area when parents were lining up to have their children vaccinated and the cartons of supplies had the American flag on them?

I suppose Ayn Rand would be appalled at such an obvious lack of selfishness.

In the US? I’ve certainly never seen boxes here with WHO on them.

Of course not… stop being obtuse.

Or would you rather cede world leadership to China, which seems to be our current foreign policy.


The discussion is centered around the cost/benefit for the US of pouring billions into WHO.

It would seem we already have with regards to origins of pandemics.

If China wants to be the world leader on producing dangerous pandemics then maybe they should be the ones funding the World Health Organization. Let’s take all of that money that America is currently paying World Health Organization and instead give it back to American tax payers, who know best their own health care needs. Americans have certainly shown that they don’t need experts telling us what to do.

The initial question was pretty clear. (To me.)

Nothing obtuse in trying to keep the conversation on point.