Should Trumps WH staff be polygraphed?

Rand Paul is talking about giving the test to all WH staff with a security clearance, and the NYT is saying it’s already being considered by WH officials as a way to find the anonymous OP ed author that is totally fake news.

It is of course completely bananas since they are almost entirely useless pseudoscience, but it would make for another entertaining episode of Jerry Springer in The Whitehouse I guess.

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It’d be great if the polygraph tests were broadcast live. I’d watch that.

Maybe you guys could run some paternity tests on cabinet members at the same time.

Is Perry the baby daddy? Let’s find out!

Polygraphs and blood tests to make sure they are clean

It appears like he confused the words Libertarian & authoritarian when announcing his ideology


But not administered by the U.S. Govt. They’re too compromised as an organization. We should get somebody completely neutral to do the tests, like maybe Russia.


#MAGA #onlythebest

“We have determined that 50% of the WH is the source”


Oooo, nice idea.

Luckily for Stephen Miller, I don’t think drinking the blood of the hookers you strangled to death the previous night will show up on a random blood test.


A libertarian calling for a polygraph test…how ironic!

They’ll figure it out. FBI profiler or something, whatever it takes lol. Trump is irate.

Just ask one question: Do you love Donald J. Trump?

Fire whoever doesn’t.

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Should Trumps WH staff be polygraphed?

Hell yes

All day every day.

Indeed indeed. I’m going to need to see some 23 and me reports while we’re at it. No one can be trusted until after the inquisition.

Yes. Yes, and like any good PPV we’re going to have to hold a public weigh-in beforehand.

Polygraphs are pointless. You just need a scale and a duck. And if any of them weigh more than a duck then…you see where I’m going with this.

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The story said that someone in the White House is diverting the bad ideas.

This makes it sound like the story isn’t true.

pay per view. on Fox.

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Each week, the staffer caught lying the most will be booted out of the White House.

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and Trump gets to come in and act mean and fire them.