Should Trumps WH staff be polygraphed?

Rand Paul stopped being libertarian the day he played golf with Trump and Donald told Rand the Russians had all of his emails.

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Absolutely. On TV.

No. Trump needs to set up an investigation but by professionals…and in a way that won’t turn the WH into something like the ship in the Caine Mutiny.
Then he needs to forget all about it. If someone is actually sabotaging what he is doing, then just nothice that.

Id Rosenstien officially a Senior adminsitrator? I mean some people are clearly trying to undermine him but theres apparently not much he can do.

Op ed in the Post suggests Jared could be the culprit. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Yes, that would be funny as hell.

it would make sense. people have probably been going to Trump’s daughter and saying “Look, your dad has lost it. Do you know how we can help/handle him”.

“Yes. We’ve been watching this for years. Here’s what you do…”.

That was my guess.

I did just choose Jared because I couldn’t choose Donald himself.

What are you crazy?! You promote that person in this Admin!

Oh, you sly dog.

Just don’t try the machine on Trump himself - it will turn into a black hole and suck the earth in.


Definitely do the polygraphs.

No need for polygraphs, just pull all their electronic communications and my guess is, you would find the people who need to be fired.

Lots of them use apps that encrypt at both ends.

And you’d have to search all their homes for extra devices, as I believe they’ve already banned those apps from their work phones.

People are careless, see Strozk for example.

True, but you’d hope a “senior official” wouldn’t be completely inept :grin:.

Stopping leaks in general is basically almost impossible now with burner phones and freely available encrypted comms apps.

Though I expect in a normal admin with staffers who aren’t constantly demoralised you will see less leaks than you’re seeing now.

Would trump be tested as well???:thinking:
Is there a polygraph machine that could handle trumps answers???:thinking:,3934477


Does a “senior official in the administration” mean the same thing as WH Staff? NYTs didn’t define what they meant, or how senior.
As it stands now, it is just meaningless except as fodder for Trump haters, and they really don’t need facts.

If they do the lie detector can we submit questions? Like “Do you regret working for the President?” or “Is the President crazy?”.

LOL at the libertarian Rand Paul screaming for polygraphs of uncharged individuals.

What a joke these GOPers are.

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