Should trump Visit Our Country's Worst dimocrat Controlled Slums and Pitch Infrastructure

I know trump kind of set off a firestorm when he talked about Baltimore a while back.

Should trump visit these dimocrat cities, and using his lifetime of experience in real estate, lay out his vision to revitalize struggling communities.

He can talk to the young people about the future.

He can speak to the older people about the past, and how their neighborhoods have changed over the decades.

I hope he can do this.


I would love for Trump to fix poverty.



Or he can scream about what a victim he is, blame everyone else, be a crybaby, call people some middle school names, mock people, act like a fifth rate comedian, yell Lock Her Up, tell a bunch of lies, and brag about fake polls and reminisce about 2016 when he lost the popular vote.

I win.


While he’s at it he can visit the republican’t controlled poorest counties in the US.

I think this is a good idea.

Highlight the need and redirect the message back to issues.


Poverty is the US is primarily due to lack of a good parental example and the poor choices we make along the way. The only way to fix this, is intervention into the family unit. Would you approve of this invasion of privacy that’s necessary to fix poverty?

How are you gauging that? You think maybe having a few rich people across town might throw the curve?

Not if you go by Median Income.

Red states make up like 90% of the poorest states, typical of failed GOP leadership. Even with a President trying to cater to them they are still bringing up the rear.

Facts and data supporting this opinion?

I’m just asking about fixing up some cities.

If that scares you in some way…


Depends how he offers to “fix them up”.

His initial infrastruture proposals included tax giveaways to a foreign-dominated industry sector…an expansion of those disastrous public/private partnerships where the taxpayers foot the bill and then also have to pay tolls to those mostly foreign companies whose revenue streams are also protected against future competition.

I don’t think that will do much to fight poverty but Trump is welcome to propose it.

Of course he’ll spin away the truth…he won’t present it like I did.

Trump isn’t capable of doing anything described in the OP. Nothing he has done as president would make us believe he is capable of doing any of that.

How so? Do rich people not drive up the median?

Yay GOP!


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Poor guys need some food to…

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Not really, If you have a few thousand poor people and few hundred rich people the median income is still going to be poor.

Someone really doesn’t know the difference between the median and an average :laughing:

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So if I have a billion dollars and you have one hundred and we take the median…

Say we have a county of 100,000 households with a mean and median household income of $30,000 and that incomes are normally distributed.

10 rich CEOs move in, each bringing a $10mm annual income.

The mean income will have increased by $996, while the median income will have increased by a buck or 2 at most.