Should trump get a SCOTUS pick before Nov?

2016 Mitch McConnel says No
2018 Mitch McConnel says Yes

What say you?

  • 2016 Mitch
  • 2018 Mitch

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You libs don’t have a say in this matter.

Don’t like it…too bad.


Awwwww 10 char

Elections have consequences?

Trump is going to pick up his pen and circle a name. Then he’s going to pick up his phone and call the Senate.

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And if the senate is smart they need to confirm it before election…and take that off the table as election issue.

Nothing like defeatism setting in on democrats enthusiasm. :wink:

They will.

Will Trump still be POTUS after the election? Then yes he gets to nominate a replacement, just like Obama in 2010.

My belief is that getting a new supreme in before the election will lead to complacency in the GOP electorate, but don’t tell anyone I said that. And I won’t be saying it again.


Either way, Trump will be selecting the next SCOTUS judge.

But, Republicans would do well to remember that the precedent that was set in 2016 works both ways. It happens to work in Republican favor now as there happens to be a republican in the White House at the moment. When there is a Democrat in the White House, it will work in their favor.

I suspect a lot of Republicans aren’t thinking that far ahead at the moment.

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But there is another driving force that will bring out Trump supporters. And I touched on that a bit couple times already. But in another month or so I’ll hit that concept pretty hard. :wink:

I’m atingle.

You should be.

Didn’t work for Obama, did it.

They will howl like scorched cats when it goes against them, and they’ll do it without the barest hint of self-awareness.

Sure it did. He wasn’t wrong.

Just like libs are now.

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Was Kagan nominated and confirmed in 2010? Then it certainly did work for him before a midterm election.

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There is no difference between them. Ruling class will take what it pleases, regardless of the letter behind the name. And some people will happily line up and bend over, because MAGA or any other ridiculous slogan either party can dream up. Donald rode a wave of idiocy into power, we’ll have to see if the electorate can overcome petty partisanship at some point and demand a higher quality of leadership.

Not holding my breath.

Let’s get the current idiot and his merry regime of dip ■■■■■ out of power first, then we can break bread together.

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Impeach him. I’m ready.

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