Should Trump be Declaring Himself the Victor?

He’s clearly lost.

Should he just accept it like a man and stop whining?

Or is he trying to stir up his base to declare civil war against the Dems?

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He hasn’t lost yet.
However, should he lose:

  1. Civil war is not going to happen. Sporadic acts of violence is more likely.
  2. He will never “take it like a man.” That is simply (and demonstrably) not possible.

He hasn’t lost yet.

Stop and/or count the vote.

Businesses weren’t boarding up their businesses because they were afraid of Trump supporters, just saying.


I should have provided a link to better explain my OP.

Instead of letting votes be counted, he’s complaining that they’re all bogus - even though they’re not.

But even so he doens’t want them counted, he just says he’s the winner.

Correct, and rightly (leftly?) so.

Oh I agree. Should Biden lose there will be massive protests and violence as well.

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Yes…the threats from the left just keeps coming.


No but I’m thinking I agree with Trump.

We should stop all vote counting in the US right now and just go with the results as they currently stand.


At this point, everyone is just rolling their eyes when Trump declares himself the winner, as there is no winner yet. I think most everyone expected this crap from Trump. What’s more concerning is him getting all these people riled up to run to polling centers to tell them to stop counting the vote. That, he does need to stop. It would be a slap in the face of what this nation stands for not to count every single legal vote. Honestly, it’s disturbing to know that 67 million people voted for someone who would even suggest that.


Only the fake ballots in Pennsylvania, Georgia & North Carolina. The real votes of the Patriots in Arizona and Nevada absolutely need to be counted.

Why is he acting like some sort of whistleblower, calling our attention to alleged cheating, you control the entire federal government dude, if you have evidence start arresting people, or shut it.

And from the President.

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Violence? Only threat from violence I’m seeing is coming from the left.


Libs are rioting and setting fires today, but Orange Man Bad. :crazy_face:


Have you forgotten the violent rampage angry hordes of conservatives took part in last time Obama won?


Must’ve missed that part. :thinking:

Well, it’s a little hazy, it might have been a long string of micro aggressions, I think all the trauma may have clouded my memory.


Those micro-aggressions can cause serious harm. lol