Should the schools continue to pay their employees?

Most are paying them for a for a couple weeks but have not committed beyond that. The teachers union is making sure that teachers get paid, but what about hourly folks? Should they not be paid as well? Their salaries have already been accounted for in this years budget. So it will cost them no extra money to pay their staff. So pay them. Right?

Here in my Rural area, all the kids at the start of the school year get little notebook/laptop computers. The teachers are in the classrooms creating video lessons and the kids are watching them. Assigning homework and all kinds of things.

So they are working and getting paid to do it.

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Are your bus drivers getting paid? Your lunch personnel? Your school secretary? Your teacher aides? Your PE teacher?

I think those are the people altair is speaking of.



What about the aids, lunchroom staff and bus drives?

For two weeks. It’s unclear after that.

Everyone, everywhere, every industry. The checks shall continue until the wells are dry.

Correct. The teachers are covered.

Prove it.

Then the schools should say this. Our local school has not.

Prove what?

AISD is paying all employees.

This statement is my own as to what should occur:

Mine has.

And they should. Since the money has already been budgeted for salaries, is it even legal to use it for something else?

I donno. I know everyone should keep getting paid.

Aids probably are not working.

Lunch room staff is working, as well as many of the bus drivers. They prepare breakfast and lunch each day, load them on the busses. Some area’s they stop at the bus stops and kids come get the lunch, other places they go to the park, kids and one parent show up and take the breakfast/lunch home.

What should they do with the funds that have been budgeted for their salaries?

Send them the check.

Right. And if they don’t, they need to be transparent and explain what they plan to spend the money set aside for salaries on. If not salaries.

Save it.

Revenue stream is going to be drying up really damn fast.

Utah’s education funding (via our state constitution) is income tax. Guess what – majority of people won’t be working soon. Guess what’s going to happen to school revenue? Under Utah’s constitution if it looks like the budget year is going to come up short, the legislature MUST meet and bring it back into balance.

Not an option.

Send the checks.