Should the schools continue to pay their employees?

Agreed. Especially since it will not cost the schools any additional money. It’s already paid for.

There’s been 243 years of revenue stream.

The rainy day is here.




It will all square up in the end.

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Not this year it won’t. All of the money for salaries is already in the budget. This school year is already paid for. The schools lose nothing by paying their staff for the rest of the year. Not one penny.

Utah CAN’T run a budget deficit. The legislature has to meet to make cuts and balance the budget.

How do they send checks? Use all the rainy day funds now, and if it goes past July with businesses closed then what?

Remember Utah can not run a defecit.

If the revenue starts to drop coming in, then the legislature will meet and cut budgets.

I’m not sure what part of that youre not understanding.

Use the same money that they would use if school was in session. The money that has already been targeted for salaries, can still be used for salaries without additional cost.

First, send the checks. Everyone keeps payroll going. Everywhere.

Second, continue step one until the well runs dry. Mnuchin and Trump said keep sending the checks.

Third, nothing matters anymore if one and two don’t occur.

The next time your legislature meets it will be to do some extraordinary ■■■■■

How are they going to send checks, when the legislature will meet and cut funding to the school districts (you know, money not collected and sent to them yet)

So check keep getting sent, and the budget gets cut then what? School districts won’t get the money they expect and then they can’t send checks.

Keep sending checks to school districts? I didn’t see that in the write of of the bill anywhere.

So Utah’s constituion is nothing but toilet paper?

Not really a lot they can do. Constitution can only be changed one way. Vote of the legislature, then approval by the citizens in the next election. Earlies that would happen would be around July or later. THEN after the constitutional change, meet in special session again to pass crap.

Not going to happen. Shouldn’t happen.

What congress SHOULD do. Pass the extra money they plan on. Put it into unemployment benefits. If people are not working due to the virus . . . a letter electronic or otherwise as proof, and no waiting period. Checks start that week. Then it goes to those laid off.
As it stand right now, I’ll get the 1,000 dollar check while I keep working. Just so you know – I’m an essential service. Today they were talking about where the supply of cots would come from, how they would devide up certain rooms into sleeping area’s and how food and other necessities would be delived if we get quarantined to the work building.

How would they pay people if school was still in session? Are you saying they are cutting the school funding now? After most of the school year is already over? My wife’s school establishes their budget months before the school year starts.The money is set for the entire school year. If you legislature tries this, the governor should veto it.

It won’t get cut. Your legislature will have an extraordinary meeting to acknowledge extraordinary circumstances and work in the best interests of its people. And if they don’t, the people will know who they were.

My school district will continue to pay its employees. My business will continue to pay its employees. Your business should continue to pay its employees. Your school district should continue to pay its employees

If you’re seriously trying to tell me that because of it no one gets paid in Utah, and there’s no way to amend it and you’re simply stuck in a bad situation because no one can do anything then obviously yes it clearly would be nothing but toilet paper.

If they aren’t working we should use it to pay down debt. Agree?

Since the closed the schools before anything else here in Utah – then all businesses would still be open and no problem with revenue stream.

They havn’t yet. But the schools receive a check at the first of each month for the weighted pupil unit allocation. Put the money aside for the new school year when it starts this fall.

Schools have year round employee’s that do a few things. Teachers don’t get paid during the summer months unless they have some summer school classes or other district obligations.

Here the school district budget year starts July 1st. So the budget for the year is set and passed by then.

Your school district sets aside money it hasn’t received yet? What happens if the revenue for the district starts to fall short 3/4 of the way through the year? Do they say, oh well that’s what we budgeted we will spend it even if we don’t have money in the account?

No he shouldn’t.

My state is running a surplus, The call it a “rainy day” fund.

Trump today from the podium essentially said the governors and states need to be doing everything. The federal gubmint is “not a shipping clerk”.

Get your own tests. Get your own PPE. Make your own plans. Take care of your people.

So your state needs to be doing that.

All of this I agree with. But everything needs to be working bottom to top first and along the way to recovery. Your employer can get money in your hand quicker than your state can get money in your hand quicker than the federal gubmint can.

And then it was revealed the fed is busy buying everything that he state needs from under them :crazy_face:

And it shouldn’t be. But it should react in dire circumstances – just as I supported TARP when it was passed.

Utah is doing that. But when there are no approved tests by the CDC/FDA it’s kind of hard. The feds relaxed that and now companies are coming up with tests. Utah started shutting schools and other things before most other states.

Utah has a long history of being prepared. Also of getting in and cutting the budget when needed to match revenue that is coming in.

As I said. Instead of sending checks to every person (phasing out at 75k), it should be more of an unemployment thing. Show you’ve been laid of, get the money coming immediatly. Exempt from looking for a job weekly, exempt from the waiting period.

Except the employer has a bank account as well. when it runs dry, the checks stop to everything. Employee’s, to the utility companies (who use that to pay their employees), to the banks for the mortgate, to supplies for items they previously purchased – you name it. Guess what happens to the business when that happens?

I lived in Utah for 6 six years. It is as backwards as you can possibly get

Let’s hope the Trump checks start cashing by then.

That’s what I’m saying. That’s the next couple of Fridays for many.

Wisely, evictions have been halted nationwide, locally our utilities have promised not to cut homes.