Should the President meet with Ayatollah Khamenei?

The President had a historic meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un earlier this year and afterwards concluded and told the world that North Korea was no longer a nuclear threat. He even seemed to come away from the summit with a change view of the North Korean leader, praising him as having a good personality demonstrated by his wit and intelligence. This contrasts with the picture communicated to us over the years that framed the North Korean leader in an adversarial light, which was dis-unifying for US / North Korean relations. Could the same happen with Iran? Should a likewise historic summit occur with the Ayatollah of Iran whereby through which we may learn from the President that Khamenei is actually in various ways a charming and misunderstood fun guy and thus be able to relieve political tensions between the US and Iran?


I have no doubt that should our stable genius president decide to do this, it will mean the end of Iranian state-sponsored terrorism. He’s just that cool.

The way Trump fawns over dictators and strongman, he might come out of that meeting a convert to Islam.



You beat me to it.

Iv never seen a more peaceful city, no litter, no rats we could learn a thing or two from the great people of Iran!..

No homosexuals either! Amazing!

Multiple with wives, state sanctioned ■■■■■ grabbing and an impossible to meet criteria to claim rape…sounds right up his alley.

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also woman have no rights so they can’t sue you!

Persians also have this weird love affair with gaudy gold nicknacks…

Man he showed so much strength and a fight for peace with NK…and now North Korea gave up their nukes. He can do the same with Iran. Bless Lord Trump our Messiah

Gold toilets too? :rofl:

It seems ridiculous and impossible, but the same was thought about ending the nuclear threat from North Korea.

I’ll bet they have no illegal aliens either.

The NK nuclear threat is as significant as it ever was.

Welcome to Iran.

welcome to most of the world those are common in Asia, Middle East, Africa, etc.

Toilet are a waste of water.

No ■■■■■
I had my share in Turkey. And in Taiwan.
Porcelain with gripper ridges is still slippery.

Not the Ayatollah, but the President is ready and willing to the Iranian president. If this meeting takes place, might we come to understand that Iran is a tough place with tough people and it takes a tough regime to keep a lid on things?

Kinda like they licked the plate clean.