Should the NBA go to China..?

A general manager for the rockets tweeted support for Freedom in China and the hong kong protestors. The NBA apologized for the comment. They must have been worried about future business there and not the fact that China is basically a giant slave plantation.

Here is an article on why the NBA should now stop going to China.

“We’ve now seen what China is willing to do over a tweet that, theoretically, most of its public couldn’t even see because Twitter is blocked in the country. This goes beyond the scope of the NBA, and far more intelligent people than me can explain how we’ve gotten here, but globalizing China’s economy has done little to nothing to pull its government closer to Western ideals of democracy.”

“And it’s not the NBA that should be doing any apologizing or smoothing over after the events that have unfolded. Cutting ties would not only put the pressure back on the Chinese government to bring back something its population has grown to love, it could perhaps more blatantly expose how China is willing to manipulate its people depending on how the split would be framed by the state-run media.”

This is what they mean when they say “freedom isn’t free.” There is always a cost. Do they favor free speech or money?

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Yes… the question the entire world should be asking themselves.

It’s one thing to be “woke” and progressive and speak out - it’s another thing to continue to do so when it’s costing you money.

Funny how Steve Kerr, who isn’t shy of criticizing our government, is all of a sudden mum when it comes to China:

He hasn’t figured out China is a slave state with a history of mass murder and still has concentration camps and reeducation centers?

He must be CNN/NBC trained…

Should the US be in Saudi Arabia? Lets face it… Money is god

I don’t think it’s that deep. He may well know China’s history of human rights abuses but any kind of disrespect is messing with NBA’s money so he’s quiet.

Did you hear about the whole thing with South Park ?

Ted Cruz is right here:

Doing the right thing is a little more difficult when it might cost you a paycheck. Both the silence and pandering to China speak volumes.

It is if you worship it (I know plenty of those people). Otherwise, it can only buy what you are willing to sell.

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Yes, But he’s an outspoken liberal usually. has tons to say about how horrible the US is. BUt, yes. Once his paycheck is threatened, who cares about Oppression, mass murder and slavery…

Now we know how the National socialists rose in Germany. I think Time Mag did an article on the German economic miracle. It’s the greed that blinds people…

Irony of course, is that these are the people who usually preach about the evils of corporate greed :wink:

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I’d say its time for the NBA to gin up some basketball interest in India who are less then 10 million short of the massive population of China, in other words there is another massively populated country that can compete with China. These two countries alone make up almost 40% of the entire global population.

India is an ally of the United States, a Democracy that is galloping toward Capitalism so American businesses like Apple and American sports like the NBA should be looking to India to continue making their BIG $$$$$ in foreign countries.


China is fascist… Should we just let fascism grow again?

I don’t really understand why progressive players and coaches are getting the brunt of the criticism regarding China.

If an outspoken pro-life player didn’t speak out against China, would he be any less of a hypocrite? Especially considering how many abortions happen in China.

How about a strong Second Amendment advocate? Pretty sure China has gun control.

Indians are far more interested in cricket and hockey.

Indians on average have much less money than Chinese people.

Indeed they do have less money and that’s another reason that BIG American businesses should think about setting up shop in India because the labor wages would probably be lower then they are in China and there are plenty of population to fill the demands of a manufacturing company like Apple for instance. India is a Democracy whereas China is Communist and many American businesses set up their customer service call centers in India, why not manufacturing.

True that’s why it would require some effort to gin up interest. Japan is big on baseball, China is big on basketball, why not try to get some India interest in American sports, just a thought. :woman_shrugging: