Should the NBA go to China..?

The NBA has actually tried to get more popular in India. The Dallas Mavericks even drafted a mediocre big man from India to gin up interest. It’s been a challenge. Indians are set in the ways in regards to sports. Soccer isn’t even very popular there.

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Nike, The pathetic shoe company that sells out, should take their business elsewhere! Out of America!!! Especially, since they’re so good at selling out America, and employing children over in China.

Progressive players happen to be targeted because of their disdain for Trump, calling out for supposed racism and bashing of America as racist, lamenting over things did to their ancestors hundreds of years ago, (or police treatment of black criminals) while they are making millions of dollars in the country in the country that they lambaste. Where they are free to say anything they want about the country. However, they go to country where they are told not to say a thing about a dictatorship that allows no freedom. Enslaving Muslims in real concentration camps, not the mythical concentration camps in the USA. Where Christians are imprisoned, tortured. I have been to the prolife march in memorial of the Roe V Wade, where 50 million babies, have been slaughtered, many of them disproportionately black. The ‘progressives’ seem to go along with the right to kill black babies. I have seen current baseball players, many ex pro football players, don’t remember a prolife basketball players giving a prolife speech at the March for Life. I have not seen one outspoken politically active prolife NBA player give right to life speeches at the March for Life. Let us say, I forgot some, the thing is if there is a prolife outspoken NBA player, it would not be hypocrisy if they go to China and say nothing, unless they are expressing disdain for those on the left as well. If you can show me a prolife NBA player who also degrades, the Clintons, Obama, Warren, and is quiet when going to China, I’m all ears, please identify that person. Stephen Curry, Steve Kerr, Lebron James, lambaste how horrible Trump and Republicans are, but zip it up when they go to China, where the population has no civil rights at all. That is the hypocrisy.


Do pro-life people not criticize America for its abortion laws?

Do pro-life people never have disdain for those on the left?

Do pro-life people not call the left racist for the number of Black mothers getting abortions?

Typed on your “Made in China” smartphone.

Is this an opportune moment to mention Trump’s merchandise and ask where it is made?

Why are both Donald and Ivanka’s clothing lines still manufactured in a slave state with a history of mass murder and still has concentration camps and reeducation centers?

lol, I didn’t see this. He’ll ignore it

Sure, as do pro’choicers’ have the right to criticize prolifers trying to change abortion laws.
Pro choicers have the right to disdain on the right.
Por choicers have the right to say prolifers are racist when promote laws to stop black unborn babies from being killed. IMO wrong, but they have the right to say so. .

However, the thing is, that the hypocrisy is saying all that stuff and then being absolutely silent when going to China with close to the worst treatment in the world of Christians, Muslims, any kind of believers, forced abortion on Chinese mothers, enslavements, etc. Still looking for the NBA equivalent of Lebron James, Steve Curry, from the right who bashed Obama on human rights violations in the US, while being quiet when going to China, since you said the ‘progressives’ are getting the bad rap.

Protest against Lebron James “Greed over Free speech” remarks… Perfect leftist celebrity…

Now we know why NIKE hates Betsy Ross… Fascists pay them too…