Should The Media Be Held Responsible For Intentional Lies and Distortions?

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Don’t ever change it. It’s like when a grown man wears a LeBron jersey.

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Yeah…ok…play dumb because you got spanked.

Maybe…but if they were prepared, that wasn’t as much of a factor for the first shot. I’m not perpetuating giving up our rights but I do think there’s an inherent responsibility that also must accompany our right.

Here’s the problem.

You believe the media is “fooling” everyone who disagrees with you. I believe the media you consume is fooling you.

Who decides which to censor?

That isn’t what I’m getting at. What I’m discussing is the incitement to violence. I’m witnessing violence heating up and it’s being perpetuated, in part, by blatant…and they knew it…lies by the MSM.


So you say. I disagree.

Again, who decides?

The point that I’m getting at is that someone has to decide what to censor - and I’m not comfortable with that.

It certainly isn’t me. I’m just pointing out something that’s new to me. I’ve never seen this kind of blatant manipulation from the MSM and it’s scaring me a tad. I realize how it’s effecting people acrossed the nation and I don’t like it one bit. This isn’t a me or you kind of thing. It’s about us.

The legal test for criminal speech that incites violence is a very high bar to prove - a nearly impossible one.

The prosecution would have to prove that the speaker:

  1. Intended to incite violence
  2. Reasonably expected that violence would actuslly result.

No. This isn’t about “us”.

I don’t accept your premises.

Fair enough but…I don’t like it. “We” are too heated and it isn’t good…period IMO and it’s the MSM that’s fanning the flames with sometimes…lies.

As far as I’m concerned, its the conspiracy theorists, james okeefes and videos of talking cats that are at the root of this problem. Not the “MSM”.


Since Trump has become President especially…I’m surprised to hear that response from you …that you’re not seeing it?

That’s the problem. You’re so devoted to the worldview that you’ve built for yourself that anyone who doesn’t “see” the same truth as you do is either lying, or has been fooled.

I don’t accept your premise that this is something new - political violence has always existed in the US, and its no worse now than it was 30 years ago.

Nor do I accept your premise that “the MSM” has any responsibility for it.

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If it’s the Liberal Democrat Mainstream Media(ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, CNN),
then no. They always tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Everyone is America should automatically listen to these media outlets,
and consider everything that they say is a fact!

And don’t you ever!!! EVER question them! Or your a Racist, or a Sexist,
or phobic, or an ist of some kind!!!

There was a time when your news was what came from you town’s newpaper. Then came the telegraph, then radio, television, satellite, cable, internet…with Facebook, Twitter…

The radius and depth of knowledge continues to increase, while the timespan in between decreases. Yes, what you say is true but…the vast increase of people immediately affected and influenced is what I’m discussing.

At least you’re now starting to drop the notion that you believe “both sides do it”.

Paying lip service so as to claim objectivity but you just let it slip.

But hey… #OccupyTheGetty!

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Correct well posted

I’m still waiting for an example or two so we know what you are referencing here.

Good luck

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