Should The Media Be Held Responsible For Intentional Lies and Distortions?

Going to pass on a government ministry of truth thanks.


Your OP question is based on a questionable premise - that the media engages in intentional lies and distortions. The media report the information they gather, and maybe in the race for a scoop don’t always thoroughly vet it first. On the other hand, unlike certain mendacious orange simpletons, they issue corrections when it’s been discovered that something they report is incorrect.

And no, I believe the first amendment is just fine as it is.


The story he had in mind didn’t even originate from what would be considered media…it was a person on Twitter who cut a video clip.

Someone on Twitter posted a video CLIP.

That should have been the first warning to people.


No, they made it look like she was going to get a lot more votes than the orange moron, which she did. THREE MILLION more, in fact.

The idiosyncrasies of the antiquated electoral college were a lot harder to predict.

That wasn’t “the media’s fault.” Most polling showed Hillary was going to win. You, yourself, went around cherry-picking polls that you liked and didn’t like until you found ones that showed Trump winning.

You would support Rasmussen until he showed Trump behind, then you’d go find a different poll you liked.

It’s not the media’s fault the polls were largely correct with Hillary winning the the popular vote. And given that most of the time, the popular vote matches the electoral vote, the media did nothing wrong or irresponsible in reporting what the polls were showing, like they do in EVERY election.

What we saw with coverage of 2016 polling was not new.

“Bitter clingers.”

“Obama will have ‘more flexibility’ after the election.”

Weren’t you an O’keefe/Project Veritas believer?

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This is spot on.

I am amazed that responsible yet fallible journalism like ABC, Reuters, AP, NYT are discarded as being worthless yet the same people that trash those sources provide links to GatewayPundit, Drudge, Project Veritas and Breitbart.


You mean like liberals and “hands up don’t shoot”?

Or The kids in the MAGA hat and his school mates surrounded people and chanting “X”.

Can you PLEASE preach that to liberals and never trumpers as well – not to be so gullible

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This is a fascinating concern coming from someone so fond of the Project Veritas series.

Don’t forget Truth Cat.

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Wow please apply this logic to the Second Amendment.

Edit : I’m getting jinxed a lot in this thread sorry.


The “hands up don’t shoot” lie pushed by the fake news and Politicians caused a lot of cops to be killed IMO, that’s how dangerous the fake news is.

Seems to be a pattern to call ones video doctored when exposed for crimes!:rofl::rofl:

If you think the presidential election is based on the popular vote you are wrong. Pollsters know this, even if your education missed it. You may want to look at the name of our country to understand it. The Untied States

I love your avatar during this period when we’re finding out that trump is definitely for separating children and their parents at the border. It’s perfect.

I’m sure you thought Obama was cool while he was doing it…

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Untied? Not sure where you live or the quality of your education.

Polls are generally conducted nationwide for presidential elections. To predict the EC results you would need to conduct 50 polls. Not saying that it isn’t done, it just costs a lot more to keep each of those 50 polls up to date.

And polls can be wrong. There is a confidence or error bars associated with the polls which people should consider.

I certainly didn’t have an avatar like that.

You should never change it.