Should the Japan Olympics be canceled? Poll

According to a poll, 60% are opposed. I can see why. Having people from hundreds of countries come in and potentially spread virus and creating variants. I would say no too. Not out of fear but caution.

You are using US libersl based info. Over 60% of the Japanese support and many others don’t care. Go to Japan and get to know them. My sister is beginning to think America is nuts. Specially when non citizen japanese who have not lived in the US for 20 years got US covid stimulus checks.

A fun fact about Japanese survey takers - they are overwhelmingly negative when it comes to product and employer perception.

If you ever do global research that includes a Japanese breakout, you have to make sure you have a country norm, else you have no idea if your Japanese employees are actually pissed off or just being Japanese.

(Central and South Americans, on the other hand, are overwhelmingly positive)

That’s your useless fact of the day.

I’m using common sense. Try thinking logically. Letting thousands of people in from all over the world during pandemic. I would not want that.

Stay in your saferoom And make sure you always wear three masks.

I eat out at least twice a week.

You may have a point foreigners do poulute Japan, Hawaii, and the South Pacific Islands. They ■■■■■■ up Alaska too.

If you and your friends stay home, the streets, highways and dine in restaurants will not be crowded. That may be a good thing.

Godzilla will be disappointed…

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That’s giving up a heck of a lot of tourist dollars.

And those bucks are always really needed to offset some of the costs.
If the Covid-19 takes a hold there, this whole thing could become a disaster.

Are you sure…


The cost to host olympic is out of control. The IOC is making host countries spend billions on stadiums, infrastructure and more. It’s getting too big. Even the opening and closing ceremonies. It’s getting too much in my opinion.

Here is a nifty overview of the cost history of both the summer and winter games. Interesting to see how some made a profit and other didn’t.

Brazil has a huge poverty-ridden population.

It is not just a matter of whether the revenue is greater than the expenses of an Olympic Game. In hosting an Olympic Games part of the process should be building of long term infrastructure. If a city does that then there can be long term benefits of hosting an Olympic Games.

Key words there are “can be.” Likewise, financial loss can be the result of hosting the Olympics.

I am getting me some Olympic fever.

So many exciting events and so much targeted advertising!!


Where is the “I don’t care” option?

That is the point I made re long term benefits.

No …, you did not make that point.

The Olympics are over. They all need to be canceled.

The best gymnast in the world quit for mental health reasons.

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