Should the Japan Olympics be canceled? Poll

No. Vaccines are effective. Get Japan all it needs for those venues.

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Don’t cancel. But limit the attendance to view the games.

I fixed your thread title

No. It appears that the lib news media has a problem with fake news reporting.

There is not this terrible problem in Japan.

Editorials are opinions. Don’t get upset too fast. Japan is fine.

I disagree.

Is there a poll here? I did not see it?

No, I fixed a spelling error.

Which part:

  1. No; Or,
  2. Vaccines are effective

Control the masses. Got ya

That anybody should give Japan vaccine so they can hold Olympics. We should be helping countries survive, not run around a track.


Oops. I agree that we should help the less fortunates.


My thought is that now there is an abundant supply so an effort to vaccinate the support people for the games would be a good targeted effort and would help ease the concerns of the host country.

They already are limiting attendance to local citizens or no fans at all.

Where is your objection?

Oh. I see.

We need to start somewhere. Japan is a good ally and taking a risk by pressing on with the games.

I say we start there and get India as much vaccine as possible.

India, most if not all of LATAM. I won’t even start on Africa.

We have to have priorities. Olympics doesn’t make my list.

An unnecessary risk.

I would say the risk is reasonable and necessary so we can push past the pandemic as a global community.

The restriction on visitors is a sufficient precaution IMO.

I disagree. There are a lot of areas that need help and aren’t in a position to “push past the pandemic”.