Should the current legal system be changed with regard to sexual harassment/assault related crimes?

Many things have been said over the past couple of weeks with regard to this following topic. If one were take this matter really seriously isn’t the correct avenue to do something about it would be to change our current legal system at least with regard to this particular crime? Is this not a legal issue? If one does not want to look at our current legal system isn’t this all just pointless rhetoric? What good is the statement “all women are to be believed” with regards to sex related crimes if there is no legal force behind it? Most Democrats seem to agree with this following sentiment in regards to that:

I’m not a lawyer or someone who has diligently studied the law but I’m assuming there are things that can be done. For example someone could make the case that alcohol seems to be a contributing factor in these situations. Clearly there could be legal changes to alcohol consumption.

Many people have said that women don’t want to speak out. Well what changes do you suggest to our legal system to change that? I’ll say it again unless the legal system is addressed this is essentially pointless rhetoric.

Umm, no, we cannot change the legal system to allow conviction based upon decades old hazy uncorroborated allegations. And she’s an idiot, no, we should not believe every thing a woman says because she is a woman, that’s just flat out absurd. Women lie sometimes, that’s just a fact.

How about outlawing alcohol?

It’s much more a cultural issue than a legal one. Men still tend to control the vast majority of powerful positions in this country and many have no problem using the power and influence that come with them to get what they want. Whether we are talking about a kid from a connected family or a politician bragging about forcing himself on women, it’s going to take more Americans, mostly conservatives, speaking out about why this sort of behavior is unacceptable and not just excusing it as “boys will be boys”.


We already tried that, it didn’t work out too well.

So, first the left does not believe in elections anymore, and now no due process. So,Pol Pot of them…

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I disagree with you on a couple of issues. First of all no decent parent conservative or liberal in any way encourages or excuses the mistreatment of women with regards to the raising of their children. To imply that conservative parents need to do a better job is very unfair. I also disagree about this being more of a cultural issue. The fact is that we have laws on these matters. What I hear is that women who are victims of these crimes essentially find fault with the system or else they would speak out more. Or at least that is how I am interpreting it.

How about raising the drinking age? For men at least. Say a man has to be 50 years old to legally buy alcohol.

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They did a skit at the Emmy’s where diversity does not include white men…

The problem is the diversity training is not long and boring enough as it is. We need longs stays at camps to re-educate people, right?

alcohol is the real gateway drug.

Except if it’s Ellison or Booker, right?

Cosby just sentenced for 3 to 10 years in state prison. I wonder how much time Kavenaugh will get?

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I was just watching a panel of conservative women discussing the Kavanaugh issue. The general consensus was basically, even if he did exactly what he was accused of, that we should expect that sort of behavior from young men. It was kind of eye opening, but I guess shouldn’t really have been a shock considering how many conservative women are still ardent Trump supporters despite his decades of treating women abhorrently.

Are you talking about alcohol use leading to other more harmful drugs?

Where was that? During my free time I’ve been going back and forth from FOX and CNN and have not heard anything like that. The one thing some of the women have been saying is in response to “what if this was your daughter” (which is in some sense ironic because Kavanaugh has two daughters), what if this is your father, brother or son?

In agreement with you I never really understood the appeal to Trump over Rubio, Cruz, etc.

Well legally speaking the question is whether the statute of limitations should be lifted for these types of criminal alegations?

A panel on CNN. The takeaway line for me was “Tell me what boy hasn’t done this in high school?”

For what??? :confused:

Where the hell did they dig that crew up from? I thought you were talking about reputable commentators on a show. I’m sure someone could find some hardcore leftists who would say that Kavanaugh should be locked up.