Should the City of Chicago sue Jussie Smollett for damages?

Regarding Smollett’s forfeiture of a $10,000 bond, Emanuel said the amount “doesn’t even come close to what the city spent in resources” while investigating the case. Emanuel said the “ethical cost” was even greater than the financial cost. “To use the very laws and principles and values behind the Matthew Shepard [hate crime laws] to self-promote your career is a cost that comes to all the individuals, gay men and women, who will now be doubted” when reporting hate crimes, Emanuel said.

“Our city’s reputation was dragged through the mud,” the mayor said.

I assume that the City could attempt to recover at least the cost of the investigation based on allegedly false and/or misleading reports to police. My understanding is that civil suits are separate from criminal cases, so the City’s decision about a lawsuit is independent any decisions by prosecutors.

Should the Chicago Government sue Smollett for damages in this case?

They could, but I doubt it would be worth it for them in the end.

The lawsuit itself will cost as much as the investigation did - and there’s no reason to think that Swolett has the money to pay anyway.

Reports are Smollett was making $125,000 per episode, and there have been 77 episodes.

That should be enough to pay for the city’s court costs and damages.

The vast majority of civil cases never go to trial; Smollett would be smart to settle early. On the other hand, common sense does not appear to be his strong point.

Is this a big thing in Republican media?

The one leading the charge is Mayor Rahm Emmanuel. He is no conservative.

I assume he could order that a lawsuit be filed in this case.

No the city should sue the cook county states attorney’s office for proving the cost of dismissing charges. $10,000.

Can’t happen. Prosecutorial immunity is absolute.

I don’t buy Rahm’s indignation for one second. There is no way that the state’s attorney went against the wishes of the mayor and chief of police. This is nothing more than a lib show to get a lib off scott free.


Should Chicago sue Smollett? Of course! But will they? Well, Chicago, IL. is
known to be a hugely Democratic Liberally Correct/Politically correct, and
one of the most Corrupt places within America.

and Since it would look really bad on the Dems part if Chicago did sue Jesse,
because this was all about MAGA hat wearing supposed Racists,

The chances of that happening I would say are like trying to find one
needle in a haystack filled football field, stacked 10 feet high all around.

This act is heating up. Now it’s being reported that Michelle Obama is the motivation behind this? If so, tell me again how upset Rahm is about it all?

Subtract 105k from that 125k. That is how much he was making per episode.

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Chicago once again turning a blind eye to criminals? Not really. Just another day for justice to be ignored. We’ll continue celebrating Trump’s exoneration shortly.


Diversion. The guy was going to get a slap on the wrist anyway.

Let the FBI investigate that letter. He may or may not be free and clear. At this point in politics, we really need to look at those around the defense and prosecution for shananigans. As tor the brother himself, if the FBI gives him a pass and there are no federal charges, or, if the chicago illinious political machine refuse to charge him, he is good to go.

Yay. More conspiracy theories. I’m sure you have facts informing this opinion?

Do you have a link showing Michelle Obama is behind this?

What are your facts and opinions, my brother? Talking points not desired. Talk from the heart, not from someplace else. Peace, Bos’un

I’ve been reminded by cons all week that in America youre innocent until proven guilty. Period.

And i said let the FBI investigate the letter. If there is no there there, let the brother walk. Then move on. American justice has the final say. Not besmiching the brother for the dismissal. If he took an alfred plea that is the way it goes.